I Need A New Computer

One who blogs does not need much. Drive, an imagination sometimes, an Internet connection and finally, a computer of some kind. So what is a blogger with the computer? Just a guy with stories to tell and nothing to type on.

You have probably noticed the posting cycle shrinking. Yes I am working full time again and that has certainly drained some resources, but to be honest, my PC has been killing me softly. It’s almost as old as Harry and does not have the energy of a 5-year old. It’s slow. It’s loud. It’s no fun to work on. But at least IT WAS working until the other day.

No the screen is just black, even though I know everything else is running. The problem, it’s an all in one jobber. It’s not like I can hook it up to another monitor and keep on blogging.

So what do I do? I have tried all the trouble shooting. I have planted my seeds of good fortune. I have prayed to the Gods of Microsoft. Nothing so far. I have started throwing my sadness out on Twitter in hopes that some company wants to be test and review some new laptop. Nothing yet.

Luckily for work, I have a laptop, so I am using that right now to type this post. I hope it does not make millions because as we learned on Silicon Valley, my company could come after Like A Dad.

I have so much to catch up on. So many photos to back up. So little money to spend. It is back to school season, so  I should be able to find a deal on a laptop to call my own. It won’t be a MAC book Pro, but it will be better than what I have now.

A black screen. Talk about depressing eh?