HRM Parent: A Dad’s Life: Worries

For any parent in HRM (The Halifax Regional Municipality), the best place for any kind of information you need has to be HRM Parent.

I have been reading it on and off ever since we had kids and the site has helped me out many times. Mostly with their weekend wrap because we are always looking for something fun to do with the boys.

If you have not started following them and reading their parenting tips, stories and tasty recipes, I suggest you do.

As a dad blogger in Halifax, it seemed like the ideal place to share my stories and become more engaged with the local parenting community.

I reached out to them to see if they were looking for a guest post or two from the dad’s side of the coin. They were.

So I will be doing a monthly post for them which is very exciting for me.

Today the first post was published and I wanted to share it with my audience.

A Dad’s Life: Worries

Are you a parent who worries? Does the cannon go boom every day at noon?

Yes, of course you worry if you are a parent. Let’s stop with the silly questions.

I want to share with you what worries me as a dad. Don’t worry, no tales of an empty beer fridge or a stinky diaper. Just honest worries that run through my mind.

From talking to other parents, there seem to be anywhere from 0-678 things that worry us every day. We all want to raise our kids to be good people and that is stressful and hard to manage. But to be honest, those worries are part of what I signed up for. My parents worried about raising me and now the torch has been passed on.

So, what truly worries me as a dad?

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I look forward to contributing more to HRM Parent and getting to know the other bloggers and readers of the site.

If you have a topic you would like me to touch on as a dad, feel free to let me know.

Have a great day.