Hopping On The Magic School Bus With My Kids

Earlier this month I wrote about all the cartoons I want to share with my kids one day. They included a lot of classics like Transformers, He-Man and Scooby Doo. Those cartoons were listed in a Netflix survey of dads around the world.

Another Netflix reboot I have already shared with my kids is one I remember as a kid. The Magic School Bus. It was one of the first cartoons I remember as being “schooly” or educational. It was like the movie Innerspace. The kids shrink and go on a Magic School bus to solve a scientific mystery. They travel into the digestive system and back in time to see the Dinosaurs.

Of course it is all run by Ms. Frizzle, or as you would know her, Lily Tomlin. She is the coolest teacher going. Who would not want to ride on a magic school bus.

It was fun to watch it as our oldest entered his first year of real school. It is the perfect combination. It’s TV which they love and it is educational which mom and dad love. It’s even entertaining.

TV plays a big part in my life and it is something I love passing on to my boys. The best part is, I don’t have to feel guilty about watching shows for kids. Sure, when I actually have free time, I would be rather watching Game of Thrones, Suits or Orphan Black, but sitting in front of the tube with the boys is fun as well.

Back to the Magic School Bus. They did a great job of creating base characters that we could all identify as kids. Even the teachers, we all had a Ms. Frizzle right? Well, I hope my kids do one day. A little part crazy, a little part awesome.

For our family, coming home after school leaves about 30-35 minutes where the kids are spent after a long day and we have to get dinner ready. So TV works even if it is not ideal. So we try to pick shows that are like a continuation of school. Now I said we try. Since Charlie is involved as well, his two-year old brain is not into the Magic School Bus just yet. But he will be. We watch Thomas mostly and if not that, we do mix in one of Harry’s faves, Wild Kratts.

I can’t imagine what we would do without the convenience of Netflix. Even Charlie will now say, scroll down, when I ask him what he wants to watch.

Right now it is a rainy day, perfect time to fire up the TV and watch a little Magic School Bus.

Keep on streaming everyone.