Happy #PiDay Everyone

Yes, today March 14th, is a special day for mathematicians and math-lovers all around the world. It’s Pi Day party people. Not only does this day mark the birthday of Albert Einstein, the theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity, but today is also the calendar equivalent of pi or 3.14. To celebrate, many students recognize this special day by taking part in activities designed to enrich and deepen their understanding of the concept of pi.

Last week I shared with you some activities that Kumon put together to help get your kids into the fun.

Harry chose to make a collage of all the numbers you can find in Pi.

He was tasked with going through old magazines, newspapers and other things to find numbers he could cut out. He even got a little creative with his idea of pi, as you will see below.

I asked him what Pi meant to him and he naturally said, pie you eat of course. Who can argue with that.

He won’t really get into Pi until he has more math at school.

But for now, here is his creation.

By the way, he was the one who noticed that hockey players wear numbers. I totally missed that.

Harry made a collage for #piday full of the numbers found in the Pi equation. #kumon

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