Halikids – Halifax’s Local Toy Shop The Kids Will Love


With two little boys, we are constantly surrounded and even sometimes buried in toys. When you have kids, there are going to be bins and containers full of toys taking up valuable space in your house. That is a given.

As parents, we do our best to manage the toys that make it into the house and the ones that get sent to toy heaven (the garage). On top of buying our own toys, there are gifts, freebies from the curb and of course all those little marketing toys that find us via Happy Meals and SWAG bags.

Living in what many consider the “burbs” of Halifax, we are mostly stuck going to Walmart and the many other big box stores to buy new toys, games and puzzles.

But where do you shop for toys if you want to support local business, while going back in time to get that mom and pop like feel?

Well, if you are in downtown Halifax, I would like to nominate Halikids.

Halikids is a boutique shop specializing in high-end children’s toys and apparel. They are just off Spring Garden Road and offer a quaint little store full of toys, games and other items that you won’t see in the big box stores.

The quality is high and the thought behind why the product is in the store, is thorough.

We visited Halikids on Natal Day and it was my first time there. My wife has been there a few times and if her debit card allowed her, I know she would be in there much more.

The funny thing I learned on the visit, my wife knows one of the owners through a friend. Quite the connection when you are a dad blogger eh?

Here are a few tweets that were exchanged after our visit.


Our son Harrison, who is three, loved the store. His mind was racing on what to look at next. There was a toy shopping cart he was interested in right away. Figures. He wanted to fill it up with cool toys no doubt.

Halikids showcases an extensive collection of products that encourage curiosity, awaken creativity, challenge thinking and provide hours of fun for children of all ages.

There was an entire wall of board games and I was quite surprised to hear that the junior version of Settlers of Catin was a big seller.

They had a table set up for colouring. Harry drew a flower for mom. Smooth operator that one.

There were many toys that involved science and learning. There was even a giant giraffe in the window.

They had all of the Melissa and Doug products that already have taken over our home. I would like to be Melissa or Doug to be honest.

Nicole, one of the owners was the one working that day and she made sure all our questions were answered and did her best to make sure we enjoyed our visit.

The store’s location is perfect, just across from the park and all that foot traffic.

Their website boasts the following:

Whether you’re a parent, relative or friend looking to buy a present for that special little person or looking to simply have an afternoon adventure you have found the right little shop (and don’t forget we will wrap it free of charge!).

I highly recommend Halikids for finding that special toy or gift for your kids. The owners have their own little ones, so they are truly passionate about providing the best products for your family.

I really hope they cement themselves in the neighbourhood and enjoy many years of success. Based on this article from late last year, the store is doing very well. One of the things I miss most about living closer to downtown, is the corner stores. They personal feel you get from walking to each shop. That is lost when we live out in big box country.

So I am pulling for Halikids to pave the way for more stores like it.

My only complaint, I wish it was closer to where we live. But hey, it gives us a good excuse to go downtown more.

So that is my two cents on Halikids.

Want to learn more? They have all of their information on products and events listed on their website.

But I suggest you just visit the store in person instead.

You can also find Halikids on Twitter and Facebook.