Halifax For Parents

As a parent living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, there are a lot of things my wife and I are always searching for. What daycares are out there, where can we take the kids on a Sunday and where are the best places to eat (that are kid friendly). If we are looking, I bet a lot of other parents are too.

So this page will be all about Halifax for parents. I will do my best to include the best resources to help you find what you need. Are you a local business and want your website listed? Just let me know and I will be more than happy. That includes promoting upcoming events and functions.

For those of you not from around here, I will also do my best to feature Halifax and area as best I can. It is a great place to live and to raise kids. The ocean air, the small town feel, the ever-changing weather (wait? what?).

This page will be under constant updates, so check back often as the blog grows.

For more local resources as a parent, I suggest checking out these websites.

Local Parenting Websites

HRM Parent

Future Adds



Fun Adventures

Places to Eat

Parent Groups

Like A Dad Recommends

Halifax Seaport Beerfest

Garrison Brewery

No Fear Exotic Pets 

Local Halifax Bloggers

Not all of these awesome people are parents, but they are certainly worth checking out.

Todd LeFurgey: http://www.JustRomanAround.com

Just a Halifax-based monkey on a mission to find adventures in his own backyard. He promotes HRM businesses and local vendors in an effort to show why we live in the greatest place in the world. It’s a blog that’s truly aPEELing for the whole family!

Shelagh Duffett: http://www.AliceinParisLovesArtandTea.blogspot.com/

Mom, artist, erstwhile adventurer writing about art, life, food, and places I visit.

Mama Hayes: http://awaywegohome.blogspot.ca/

The everyday life of a babywearing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, crafty, thrifty, nerdy, vegetarian mom

EcoYogini: http://ecoyogini.blogspot.ca/

An Acadian Yogini blogging about all things “eco”

Sweet Simplicity: http://sweetsimplicitybyjade.blogspot.ca/

Mostly photography with occasional refernces to the two cuties that call me “Mom”.

Christine – fithippiechick: http://fithippiechick.blogspot.com

Health and fitness blog by a Haligonian, personal trainer.

Sarah Dhooge: http://eastcoastmommacollective.com

Momma to Grayson, Speech-Language Pathologist, Yoga Instructor, and Mompreneur behind the East and West Coast Momma Collectives.

Stacy – déranger : http://queeracadian.wordpress.com

journals of a queer acadian feminist

Lindsay Nelson (a.k.a Shipwrekkt): http://eat-this-town.com

A Halifax-Based Food Tourism Blog – regional dive foods, hamburgers galore!

Laura O’Rourke (Mommy Miracles): http://www.mommy-miracles.com

Searching for the beauty in the mess of motherhood. Mom to 2 boys (Cameron-3 and Gavin-1), Photographer, MomsReading Book Club creator.

Christopher D Drew (Modern Man Of The Cloth) : http://www.modernmanofthecloth.com

A look at faith, family, food, geekery and more! Dad is in the House!

Heather Nolan (Mmm… is for Mommy): http://mmmisformommy.com

I blog about food/recipes/reviews/giveaways/being me 🙂

Christine Larade (Social Daisy): http://socialdaisy.ca

I blog about social businesses, book reviews, life lessons and anything else I can think of.

Colleen Anthony (Curtains are Open): http://www.curtainsareopen.com

I blog about being a single mom, going back to school, hockey, riding, adventures in Halifax…whatever is on my mind.

Kim Humes (Gathers No Moss): http://gathersnm.blogspot.com

I am an explorer at heart. I love to get out and experience new things as much as I can and write about these adventures! Main interests are food/drink, travel, the arts, animals and I love highlighting cool people and businesses!

Krista Montelpare (Halitrax): http://www.halitrax.com

Three twenty-somethings living life in Halifax

Catherine MacLean (Plunged in Debt): www.plungedindebt.com

Personal finance blog about hubby and I trying to get out of debt. Participate in giveaways. I also staff write for a few other blogs which I will share periodically.

Naomi Sullivanhttp://naomi27.blog.ca/

A wife and a mother and this crazy mixed up world..My life in a nutshell! 🙂

Grace Bezanson – Finding Enchantent: http://gracebezanson.com/

Finding the Enchantment in Everyday Life. Travel, nature, mindfulness. I also write about freelancing as a Virtual Assistant/Content Strategy

Amelia Warren (House Pretty Blog): http://house-pretty.blogspot.ca/

DIY enthusiast documenting my family’s journey as we turn our ugly house into a pretty home, and everything that happens in-between.

Jaymie Doole-Flowers (Just Jaym): www.justjaym.com

My little slice of the internet. Blogging about being a Mom, trying to loose the weight, and adding in my favorite recipes! Stop by and check it out!

Canadian Bald Guy: http://iusedtohavehair.com

The random ramblings of a 40-year old single father and his take on the world…

Sage (Trendy Techie): http://trendytechie.wordpress.com

I’m a fashion and tech blogger, changing stereotypes about girls in the technology industry! I’m here to show you how we girls do it in computer science – the fun, fearless, powerful way.

Kirsten (kikichiikii): http://kikichiikii.wordpress.com/

Day to day life with a hint of class and a pinch of sass.

Jennifer: Closet Refreshment: http://www.closetrefreshment.com/

Inspiration for when your closet needs a bit of a drink.

Wendy: Pigeon Pose Emotions: http://pigeonposeemotions.blogspot.ca/

Random stuff thats in my head…written down for all to read.

Jennifer Curtis: http://howtoruinatoddlersday.wordpress.com/

I’m a 30-something mom who is a not-so-skinny, not-so-perfect chocolate hoarder. Life isn’t perfect with a toddler, and I got sick of reading about the unattainable. Life gets hard, and funny, and smelly, and weird. My humorous look at my life (with some serious thrown in every now and then).

Kim: Co-Pilot Mom: http://www.copilomom.com

I am an early childhood educator-turned stay at home mom, writing about co-piloting two small Captains until they are flying on their own.

Halifax for parents is for all the moms and dads out there who live in the HRM region. Let’s stick together and make it the best place for our children to grow up.