Going To See Jim Gaffigan


At my age, I don’t make a big deal about my birthday anymore. I like it quiet and without a lot of attention. Facebook messages is about as crazy as it got. I had a nice party with the family and another nice dinner with my extended family. Perfect in my books.

The one highlight that I want to share is the gift my wife got me.

We are going to see Jim Gaffigan in September. Huzzah.

The guy is maybe the funniest person on the planet in my books. I can relate to him. I can’t stop laughing at his jokes, his commercials, his books, his TV show or even his social media postings.

Great present and I can’t wait to go. Maybe we have some hot pockets for dinner before the show?

If are not aware of all things Gaffigan, check out the latest Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

Here is a guest spot on HBO as well.

Like Jerry Seinfeld, he has managed to have a great comedic career without swearing. To me this proves that dropping F bombs, while funny, are more of a prop.

Anyways, I can’t wait to go. Thank you to my wife for the ideal gift for a guy who likes to keep the birthday on the down low as much as possible.