Friday Newsletter – I make my Super Bowl LVII pick

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Super Bowl weekend – Well the big game is here. Will Taylor win her first Super Bowl? Will the Brads and Chads throw shit at their TVs, will Usher have any surprise guests? We will wait to see. What you don’t have to wait for is my very important pick for the game. I was really cheering for the Detroit Lions to get in there just to have some new stories. The Kansas City Chiefs are the usual suspects. They are the LeBron James. It’s pretty boring. What’s even more boring is the San Francisco 49ers. I have not cared about them since the days of Joe Montana or Steve Young. So to me this matchup is boring overall. I don’t really care. So, just to make a pick, I want to see the Chiefs win. Why? Because it will blow the roof off the whole Taylor Swift discord to the point where the MAGA people of the world won’t know what to do. I want to see her hold the trophy and hear even more about how she is bad for the NFL. For the record, she is not bad for the NFL. She is bad for bros who can’t handle a woman being successful. Final score – Chiefs 32-Niners 24.

New TV – Has anyone watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith on Amazon yet? I had very little interest and to be honest it struck me as the TV show nobody asked for. But. I have heard nothing but good reviews. The TV pod I listen to, The Watch, said it was the best show of 2024 so far. After hearing more about it I think I will have to check it out. I like Donald Glover. I think the title just made me think of the movie and the movie with Brad and Angelina wasn’t exactly great. Let me know if you have watched and what you think?

Other new TV news. Abbott Elementary returned this past week. It’s one of the few traditional sitcoms left. What else am I watching? I am watching True Detective: Night Country and Curb Your Enthusiasm and I have yet to start Monsieur Spade. Any recommendations? I am also watching Masters of the Air and I think there will be a longer blog post about this show. I am enjoying it, but I have some problems with it that I was really hoping would not happen.

Food for thought – Going back to the Super Bowl, the real reason I like the big game is the excuse to cook up some game day food. I asked the boys today what we should have and they said nachos because that is what we always have for Super Bowl. It’s one of the few times we eat in front of the TV as well. Nachos is always a hit. Maybe I need to look at a way to jazz them up a bit. Whether that means using chicken instead of beef, or even making some queso. Mmmmmm queso. With the weather being spring like in Toronto, I am sure I can get the Big Green Egg involved.

A must follow on IG – Do you know Garron Noone? Well you should. He has provided plently a laugh on Instagram. According to Wikipedia he is an Irish musician, comedian, spokesmodel, and TikToker. He is known for his reviews of foods and Irish towns. He was named one of Ireland’s “breakthrough stars” for 2023 on TikTok. As of January, 2024 he has 13,000 subscribers on YouTube, 484,000 followers on Instagram, and 559.5k followers on TikTok.

He also had some Canadian content this week that really hit home.

Follow him, he’s delicious.

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