Day 117: The Crying Game


Today was the second day for Charlie at daycare. The difference for today’s visit was that it was two hours long and I would not be there for the second hour.

Well, that was rough on Charlie. Even moving a few feet away from him would upset the little guy. Now, based on his personality, this may not have anything to do with me. He tends to be an environment guy. If it is a place he does not want to be, it does not matter who he is with.

A daycare full of kids and babies is not quiet. It is chaos times a million and when you are used to a quiet and structured home life, well that can get to anyone. Especially a baby like Charlie.

So Charlie managed to stay the full time and I left after an hour. The ladies took good care of him and said he was fine after 10 minutes or so. But man, that boy can cry. The lungs.

After a bit, they put him down for a nap. The good news was that he went down easy just like at home. The idea of a baby who does not need a soother, rocking or any kind of special attention to go to sleep is a dream for a daycare worker.

I had to wake Charlie up to go home at 11:30 am. Luckily for me, he still went down at 1 pm for his normal nap.

While I was there, Charlie was into a few of the toys and liked exploring the food table. He interacted with a few of the other kids and I think will do just fine.

Harry, well he had another fun day as well. He wanted to come into the baby room to visit Charlie, so he stayed for 10 minutes and played.

It was clear his type of play was not going to go over well with the other babies, so we got him back to his room.

There, I have no idea what they did because he did not want to tell me. I know they went outside, that’s about it. But he had fun.

Now, Harrison won’t go back until Monday, for his official first day. Charlie will go tomorrow for the whole morning on his own and we will pick him up at lunch.

Wow, what a busy week it has been already. Finding time to have a shower has been a challenge.

Will check in tomorrow.

Here is the classic car shot before we left.



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  1. Daycare is tough. Our daughter loves her new daycare mostly but Monday’s are rough. Today she cried as I left which is always a little hard, even though I know she will be fine a few minutes after I leave.

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