Create Your Own Tailor-Made Shirt Online


As this stay-at-home dad nears the time of going back to work, one important area that needs to be addressed is wardrobe.

No more sweat pants, jeans or t-shirts. Those will be replaced with actual pants and shirts with a collar.

Now I am not working on Wall Street or anything, so I get to keep it pretty casual, but I don’t want to skimp on style.

There are a few problems with the clothes scenario. First, going shopping for new clothes with a toddler does not seem like fun. Second, I have never really enjoyed shopping for clothes in general. There is something about men’s clothing stores that bug me. Anyways, that is not the point here.

Recently I was contacted by a company, who introduced me to the idea of not only buying a nice shirt online, but actually creating my own tailor-made shirt online.

How amazing, creating a nice looking shirt while sitting at home in one of your most comfortable t-shirts. The idea was perfect.

So I took the plunge to build a shirt just like you would build a computer or a car. You go to a website and do a lot of clicking. No people asking if you need help or no people trying to up sell you on other clothing. Basically if you play some background music while on the website, it is just like shopping.

The company is called Savile Row Online and they are a unique international online retail outlet featuring fashions in the finest fabric with outstanding custom workmanship in a diverse array of selections from suits to accessories.

Basically, they provide awesome tailor-made shirts online for guys like me who hate to walk into a store to find a shirt.

All I had to do to get started was to create an account and pick a shirt as my base. From there you get taken through all the steps to customize your shirt.

For this creation, I was provided with a coupon code that would let me get one of the less expensive shirts for free in exchange for reviewing the whole process of creating and buying.

As usual, my reviews are honest feedback and are not bought.


Creating a Tailor-Made Shirt

The entire process of customizing the shirt took less than 10 minutes. For those of you who may not know much about tailor-made shirts, each step explains the style, why you would choose it, a professional recommendation and a photo just so you can visually pick what you want. Everything is on one scrolling screen and the selections are pretty easy to make. Someone who is really into shirts could have a lot of fun with this setup.

Once you are finished, your payment choice and details are entered before going to the most important step, what your sizes are. For this order, I used my coupon code clean and simple.

Next up you create your measurement profile. This was the part I was a little skeptical about. I am a tall guy, so it has always been hard to find shirts that fit in the arms and the waist.

My advice, no body is watching, so choose your actual body type guys. We are all not athletes.

It was a little confusing when listing measurements for other parts of the body. The default was 16.5 with no unit of measure. Also, the video on the page was blank.

I assumed it was inches, grabbed a tape measure and filled it all in.

Once that is all entered, you confirm and move on with the ordering.

I found it weird that I was left unsure at this point that I was actually done. There was no obvious confirmation that I had finished.

So I guess I just ordered a new shirt. That’s exciting. I look forward to it arriving. Another bit of advice that was never mentioned when ordering. I have no idea when it will arrive.

Here is a shot of my shirt.



My Thoughts

So without having the shirt in hand to see if it fits right, I found the whole experience pretty easy. But……until I try on the shirt and see if it fits right, I won’t really have a true sense of shopping for tailor-made shirts online or not.

Maybe that is just one of those items you need to buy in person and use the expertise of the guy/girl selling the shirt. I guess we shall see.

Other than a few things within the buying process (spelling mistakes, videos that don’t work and a way to edit a mailing address), it was simple to do, made sense and did not intimidate me like I was expecting it to.

I was informed by the company that they are about to roll out a new checkout experience based on user feedback. They want the buying experience to rival the quality of their shirts. I can appreciate a company wanting to get better and client feedback is the best way to improve.

So, once the shirt arrives, I will update everyone with a fitting ha ha. Pretty excited to get that in the mail.

Have you ordered clothes online? Have you ever wanted to order a suit, a tailor-made shirt or even dress pants online? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Want to take a look at what Savile Row Bespoke have to offer? Here is the link.