The Color Crew Is The Worst Thing On #Netflix

Netflix has revolutionized parenting. I don’t know how we would get through a day without it. For $8/month, there are thousands of cartoons/shows without commercials to keep the kids glued to their seats. In the five years we have had the video streaming service, we have watched a lot of crap (that the kids loved) but the other day I think we found the worst thing on Netflix. The Color Crew.

Let me set the stage before watching this video. A bunch of crayons mumble and dance and add color to things. That’s it. The music is bad, the lack of talking is bad and the only saving grace was there was only one episode to watch. Oh wait, it is on Netflix, so that same episode can be watched over and over again.

Here is a taste.

[embedplusvideo height=”283″ width=”450″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=UAPmRSIsBGo&width=450&height=283&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=¬es=” id=”ep6752″ /]


Pretty awful eh? Just to make sure I was not being an anti-cray-ite, I asked other parents and before I could even say Crew, they were going off on how bad it was.

But this post is not to dump on a crappy cartoon. It speaks for itself. The thing I found interesting is if you close your eyes and just listen to it, I found myself remembering this cartoon.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show. Yes to me, they both sounded the same. Thankfully no crayons have their heads cut off.

[embedplusvideo height=”367″ width=”450″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=tA50fz9ZWE0&width=450&height=367&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=0&chapters=¬es=” id=”ep5247″ /]


So, have you seen this show? What did you think? Am I way off in voting this the worst thing on Netflix?

What is your vote for worst thing on Netflix?