Clipping Finger And Toe Nails Is Like Being In The Hurt Locker

Do you take care of the nail clipping in your house? Yes, I do my own of course but I also do the 3-year old’s, the 3-month old’s, the dog’s and even my wife’s toes when she was prego.

As you can see I have experience with clipping.

So why do I always feel like I am one of those guys in the Hurt Locker going to check out a bomb?

Well, because if you screw up with your delicate piece of work, all hell will break loose and someone’s anger will explode.

How many of you have cut that first baby nail too short and caused a leakage of blood that you thought would never end?

I have done it twice, one on each kid. I don’t count the dog, because his nails are dark black and it is impossible to keep a perfect record there.

When I did it with my first boy, I was pretty much afraid to ever do it again. The blood, the screaming, the trauma (to me).

Then I got over it and I was clipping nails like it was my profession.

Then a few weeks ago, it was time to clip the baby again. No problem, will take like 30 seconds.

Then, I clips a little close and there was blood. But this time, I was ready. No fear, no panic and no hiding under the bed.

I sucked it up like a dad and took care of the situation. 1 bandaid later, it was all fine.

Now I am back to my clipping ways without a care in the world. The three-year old hates having his toes clipped but that is not due to my work. He just likes to have sharp toes.

So, do you have any tails of cutting a little fine? Would love to hear about it.

For those who have not yet, or have been terrified beyond belief, you just gotta keep on going and try again. Unlike the Hurt Locker, you don’t blow up into 500 pieces, you just have to deal with a pissed off kid.

So here are my very obvious tips for clipping the nails of your kids.

  • Good lighting
  • For babies, get those cut free scissor clippers, they work best.
  • For any kid over a year, throw out the kid clippers and just use yours. They work way better.
  • Keep it all calm, too much movement is a mess waiting to happen.
  • If you need to bribe them with something for sitting still.
  • Count as you go. My boy gets distracted at the counting and forgets what is happening.
  • Praise at the end so they know it was a fun experience.
  • Clean up the nails or you will hear it from your wife later.

That’s it, all you need to know about clipping toe and finger nails for the little people in your life.

My only other bit of advice is taken from my vet when he advised me on clipping my dog’s nails. The sooner you start doing it, the sooner they won’t think it is a big deal.

Thanks doc.