Channeling the Leading Ladies of Netflix

Leading Ladies of Netflix

If there was ever a time that we needed to send a positive message to the young women of the world, it seems now is an ideal time. We all know what happened on Nov. 8. It happened. Instead of having the first female president, well, you know what we have.

While trying to digest, comprehend and figuring out what is next, maybe it’s time to turn off the Twitter, stop reading articles on how we should feel and just enjoy a few Netflix shows that showcase women who don’t’ let the dark days get them down.

Yes, put on some cozy clothes, get comfy on the couch and take a break from what’s going on in the world.

Netflix hosts a wide variety of series that capture the vibrancy of modern womanhood, whether it’s the solidarity expressed by the diverse inmates on Orange Is the New Black, the inspired efforts of a tenacious young Queen in The Crown, the emotional and physical strength of Jessica Jones or the outspoken, unfiltered wit of Chelsea Handler as she relates to women across multiple generations. These characters represent diverse and complex backgrounds that reflect the idea of “empowerment” in numerous ways.

In honour of the newest leading female character on Netflix, Queen Elizabeth II, a few leading women of Netflix originals have drafted notes to their younger selves – and everyone everywhere – highlighting some of the universal truths, challenges and wisdom that transcend place and time, that modern women everywhere can relate to.

A letter from The Crown


A letter from Orange is the New Black


A letter from Jessica Jones


A letter from Chelsea


Netflix also did ask me to share what I would you say to my younger self if you had the chance. I am not even going to try to pretend to be a younger woman. I don’t even want to try and understand what women go through each and every day. I’ve seen that episode of Master of None. I know just to listen.

For this month’s post, the #StreamTeam folks asked for us to use the letters posted above as inspiration for my own.

For those who read the blog on a regular basis (and that’s all of you right?), I have written letters to my past self a few times. I have even written to my future self. Man all this time travel makes a guy tired.

So here goes, a letter of inspiration, wisdom and empowerment from present day me, to past day me.

Dear Michael (the high school years),228141_7916015143_4_n

Hey, how is it going? Are you counting the days until Grade 13 (OAC) is over with? Are you counting the days until you can go off to University and be done with this place? I know you are, because I remember. High school was rough. High school was anxiety wrapped in a Calculus test, shoved in a locker with a stinky towel.

Those were the years where you did not know where you fit. As I recall, you played all groups. Sports, cools, library club, owners, etc. You had a connection with each, but you never truly fit in or were accepted by any. You kept your head down, did what you needed to do and got out.

Yep, it was hard. But here is the good news. Life 20 years later is great and you don’t have to change who you are. The same high school kid that is not fitting in, is now having an awesome life with a loving wife, two kids and amazing family. The career is solid, life is comfortable and you are 100% happy with how it is all going.

Yes, true story.

So my message to you as you try to hide in plain sight (being 6’5 that’s hard), stay the course. Be the same person. Listen to people. Be caring and helpful. Sit back and watch the world. All of those traits that did not fit in back then, certainly do now.

That’s my message to you. Oh and don’t stress the struggles of math. You are doing just fine without it.

Keep it real my young self.

Michael from the future.

PS – Donald Trump just became President. No word of a lie.

It’s funny only a few weeks ago I was talking to my wife about how cool it was that at a time when we were about to get the first female President in the US, that we were watching a show documenting the life of Queen Elizabeth II. I think it’s lost on how hard of a struggle it was for her to be Queen in a man’s world. She paved the way for many and should still be looked to for inspiration today.

That’s all for this month #StreamTeam folks. Enjoy.

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