Building March Break Fun With LEGO

Dad, we never got to play with LEGO today.

We hear that a lot in our house, usually when there is only a few minutes until bedtime.

There never seems to be enough time in day to do everything you want, even when you are a kid. But, then it was March break and things got less busy and there was plenty of time for LEGO.

Also, with brilliant timing, Netflix sent us a box of goodies to help make March break even more fun. Oh, guess what, there was LEGO inside the magic box. Perfect.

Our boys are three and six, and while I think LEGO has gotten a little complicated for little hands, they love it nonetheless.


The two LEGO related things sent were to help launch two new series on Netflix. LEGO Bionicle and LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship. We have watched LEGO Bionicle several times since it launched and the boys love to argue over who gets to be water, earth, etc. Needless to say when the chance came to build one of the characters, it was game on.

As soon as school ended on the last Friday of school before the break, we went home and opened the boxes right away. I always do my best to keep the pieces separate, because it can go south pretty fast when you have two eager kids. LEGO pieces now are so small and so specific for a certain build, that you can’t mix and match anymore.

First up for dad was helping our oldest with the Bionicle character. He did pretty well with getting it started but reached a point where he needed a hand. Despite LEGO instructions being super easy, sometimes even I get stuck. Trying to figure out something that should be easy while two kids hover over you can be stressful, but I did it.

LEGO Building

Soon Bionicle was taking shape. I felt he looked more like a Transformer than a LEGO character. Once this project was on the go, I needed to open the other set for Charlie. He really wanted to play with the Bionicle but it was a little more advanced.

So we built fun things like swings he ha fun putting hats on little birds.

LEGO has really advanced since I was a kid. The boys have a giant container of my LEGO and it’s all just random pieces that force you to just build.

But today, they really push the sets on parents. Star Wars, Batman, Chima and several other brands. The pieces are specific for that set and I find the instruction books actually stress the kids out.

They see the cool finished product on the box and NEED to have it built. There does not seem to be a lot of imagination LEGO going on.


For our kids, I find the suggested ages a little low too. These sets are pretty advanced and delicate for kids under seven. That leaves dad having to do the building, while trying not to be the mean dad from the LEGO Movie.

The other part that I have a hard time with is once it’s built, it does not stay that way for very long. Mr. Bionicle as the boys called him, he now looks like he was hit by a train. Pieces spread all over the house and left to gather dust in a toy wasteland known as our basement.

Now they just want a new set. Marketing for the win right?

At the core LEGO is an amazing toy because it is fun for all ages. I just worry that the branding and marketing is playing into kids losing interest in just building something for fun.

And back to March break fun.

In the #streamteam kit that was sent, there were also art crafts and puzzle. I had forgotten about them until the last day of March break, but it gave us a good 45 minutes of quiet time.

As March break came to an end last night, it also brought us back to the boys complaining 10 minutes before bed that they never got to play enough.

Oh well guys, the LEGO is not going anywhere.

Other March break highlights

  • Took a break from Kumon.
  • Sleepover at Nana and Papa’s house.
  • Had chicken wings.
  • Watched basketball with dad.

How was your March break with the kids?

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