Book Of The Week – The Water Hole


This week’s popular book is one we have had for years. It is called The Water Hole and it was given to Harrison as a gift at least three years ago. With him, we have read it hundreds of times to the point of his still knowing all the words.


Now it is a fave of Charlie. He especially loves the Panda page.

Have you read this one with your kids? It has an environmental message that points out how important water is to the world. No water, not much left to enjoy.

What I like about is, it is a good length. Not that long, but still it involves counting and a story. It also has some creative pages that show the water hole drying up over time.

Each landscape illustration conceals hidden animal pictures for readers to find as they count the animals that visit the water hole and try to solve the mystery. It is a fun game to play with the boys.

As for now, back to having fun and reading to my kids.

What book is on your child’s hot list right now? I would love a recommendation.

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