Bath Time Has Become A Real Game Of Thrones

Since we started bathing the boys together, there has always been a give and take when it comes to everything involved. What toys are played with, what nights are hair wash nights, who does each and most recently there has been a new development.

Forget ruling the seven kingdoms, the most coveted title these days is who gets to sit at the front of the bath. The front of the bath is where the power lies. You not only get to monopolize the water running out of the tap, you get to soak in the warmer water.

It has become a real Game of Thrones at our house.

Each night both boys race to get out of their clothes and into the bath. Not because they love the idea of getting clean or getting closer to bed time. Nope, they just want to be in the front position and stick it to the other kid for the entire process.

Whoever gets there will sit there with this shit-eating grin as they sit in the pole position for a race that goes nowhere.

Charlie is only doing it because he is copying and has learned there is something special about this spot. Harrison, well he knows 100% why he is doing it and loves rubbing it in his little brother’s face.

Of course there is a lot of yelling, crying, turmoil and the occasional red wedding (not really).

My wife and I  are the ones who need to keep things in order. The ones keeping the peace and the ones who have to drag a kid out of the bath kicking and screaming when one does not get their way.

Lots of fun at bath time.

Tonight, a bloody miracle happened.

I pointed out the obvious that they could both sit up front. Our temporary home offers a giant claw foot tub that has plenty of room for two little bums.

Huzzah! They both sat there and played with the water as it filled the bath. They both were smiling, giggling and being content brothers. It was peace once again across the seven kingdoms.

Sadly, like any good story, I had to throw it back into chaos.

I turned off the water.

See you next time bath tub.


  1. Aww daddies have real dificult time in nurturing kids. Especially the bath times, either your kid loves taking bath or he starts throwing tantrums. Both cases its dificult to handle them.

  2. Ahaha ! agreed with you lynnea but the thing is loving your child in every way around is the best thing in the world !!

  3. This article force me to recall my childhood.
    Any ways Great article.

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