Amazing Super Bowl XLVIII Prop Bets

As you all know, Super Bowl XLVIII is on Sunday. It is between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos and what makes the Big Game so great is, that it connects non-sports fans with sports. How? Betting.

You don’t need to know a single thing about football, or who is playing to have fun making side bets with friends, or even real bets for money.

They are called prop bets and they are never more fun than for the Super Bowl.

Here are the most popular Super Bowl XLVIII prop bets.

Coin Toss

Heads getting 60 percent of cash and 59 percent of bets.

Team to Win the Coin Toss

Seahawks getting 73 percent of cash and Broncos getting 52 percent of bets.

Will Either Team Score in the First Six Minutes of the Game

“No”, which is -135 favorite, getting 60 percent of cash and “Yes” getting 69 percent of bets.

Team to Score First

Broncos, who are -120 favorites, getting 55 percent of cash, 61 percent of bets on Broncos.

First Score of the Game will be (TD vs. Any Other Score)

Any other Score is +130 underdog, getting 95 percent of cash and 91 percent of bets

Longest Touchdown of the Game (44.5 yards)

Under getting 81 percent of cash and 58 percent of bets


Peyton Manning 6/5 favorite to win, has the most bets (22 percent of bets), followed by Marshawn Lynch (5/1 to win, 13 percent of bets) and Russell Wilson (4/1 to win, 12 percent of bets).

Player to score the first touchdown

Montee Ball, who is 20/1, has the most bets (seven percent of bets), Marshawn Lynch, who is 6/1 is Seahawks player with most bets (six percent of bets)

Now for the crazy and amazing.

How many times will Peyton Manning say Omaha!:

Currently the over/under on this at 27.5.

What will be the lowest temperature during the game?

As of posting the over is at 28 degrees Fahrenheit for even money and under 28 degrees at -140.

How long with the national anthem take?

Opera singer Renee Fleming will sing the anthem this year. The over is at (even)/under (-140) at 2 minutes 25 seconds.

Which team will commit the first penalty?

The Las Vegas Hotel has both teams set at -110.

Will the first TD of the game be a passing TD or a running TD?

The Las Vegas Hotel has a passing TD at -170 and a rushing TD at +150.

Will any member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their halftime performance?

Bovada has this at even money for yes, -140 for no.

Which song will Bruno Mars perform first? I hate Bruno Mars, so I don’t really care.

Want more prop bets for Super Bowl XLVIII? Use the power of Google, I am sure it won’t be hard.

Go Broncos.