All Aboard The Big Boy Bed Train


On rainy days, it is always a struggle to think of ways to entertain the boys and most importantly, keep our sanity. I know there are probably a million and one things to do in Toronto indoors, but Sunday morning is not the time to count on the brain for a home run.

So, we did what we normally do, shop. We headed to Dufferin Mall and when I was saying we could go to Toys R Us, Katie said something about there also being Babies R Us if we needed anything there. Then she stopped herself and said, I guess we don’t need that stuff anymore.

It’s true, our house is slowing looking less and less baby-like. The sippy cups are losing their lids, diapers are going the way of the dinosaur and we even leave the house sometimes without the diaper bag.

Yep, we have two kids. It’s crazy to think just two summers ago I was home on paternity leave with Charlie. He was unable to move and pretty much just ate, slept and pooped.

One of the last remaining connections to baby land was retired on Saturday, June 27, 2015.

It was a fight, but Charlie finally let us take out his crib.

The crib is no more, with Charlie sleeping on his big boy bed, better knows as the bottom bunk. Day one was excellent. Little complaining and a great sleep. I think he finally realized that crib mattress was about as comfortable as watching people sing (okay, I hate watching people sing).

We tried to take the crib away during the Christmas holidays. That did not go well. Charlie pulled his own Occupy movement. There was crying and yelling and that was just me. So we put it back in. I will say we did take the gate off, so at least he go to come and go as he pleased.

This time, we made it fun. We reorganized their bedroom to make it more a two person setup. We bought fun stickers for Charlie to stick on his new roof. We got Harry to really make it a fun game with him being upstairs and Charlie being downstairs. I think a bunk bed is a must for any two brothers, or sisters, or siblings. I never had one as kid and I was always jealous of the kids who did.

We also knew it was time because last weekend we tested out the bottom bunk idea at my sister’s house. Charlie slept on the bottom bunk in his cousin’s room. It was the perfect transition.

There you have it, the crib is done. It is tucked away in the house just in case, but at least for Charlie, he is a full on kid now.

Still not sure this all happened. What’s next? We are out shopping for shitty used cars for them to get to their job? Uhhh.