Contest: Hot Wheels® Build It, Race It, Win It


You know what toy has stood the test of time and still rules in our house?

Hot Wheels. Yes those tiny cars that every kid loves to play with and dream about driving one day. Both our boys have loved Hot Wheels since birth it seems. The cars, the cartoons, the bikes, the gear, the colouring books and everything else Hot Wheels.

We can barely get by the giant bin of cars at the grocery store without a meltdown for a new car.

I also love Hot Wheels. They have been around since I was a kid. They are quality built and they keep turning out new versions. The wheels are always aligned for smooth rides and the crazy tracks you can build are what kids dream of.

Yes, we love Hot Wheels.

Thank You Howard

harry at howard wall

There are so many variables that go into the makeup of who your kid becomes. As much as you try to control the narrative, manipulate each path taken and add your two cents to each decision, there are aspects you just can’t control.

One such variable that shapes a kid and sets them on a path is where they start school. I am not talking daycare or preschool or babysitting, I am talking full day, school. Where your kid starts going to school can have a huge impact on their love of school, how they learn, how they develop and who they become. It is the starting point for who their friends are, what types of teachers they like/dislike, the start of real stress and worry and really, the start of them becoming an individual person.

Mr. Freezie Or Not?

Welcome to the summer of 2016 everybody. Turn up the Drake, turn on the AC and let's get the party started. Summer means running in sprinklers, backyard BBQ, later nights…

All Dads & Grads Need A JumPack When On The Road

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cobra for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a confession to make. I am not a car guy. I have never been that interested in cars other than driving them from point A to point B. There I said it.

I have never changed a tire or tricked out my ride in any way. When something breaks, I call someone to fix it. I did change a few light bulbs before, but that’s it.

That is why when I am driving, or my wife is out with the car, I always have a the tiniest worry of something going wrong and being stuck somewhere.

Stuck without a phone, without power or without the tools needed to get the car going again. I am the guy who chooses not to have jumper cables in the car because then one day it would be proven I don’t know to use them.

But in the age of modern technology it seems silly to have such worry.

Top 10 Foods To Grill On Big Green Egg


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I love to post photos of my latest Big Green Egg dish. You will also know that 90% of the photos are of meat. I love meat. Smoked or grilled, it doesn’t matter. It all tastes delish thanks to my giant green friend.

I have owned a Big Green Egg for four years and I have pretty much tried everything I want to try to date. The only recipe I want to still test is smoking a full turkey. There has been beef, chicken, pork, eggs, pizza and several veggie dishes to date. There have been some misses, but generally everything I cook on the Egg is a hit. Even our picky kids eat the food.

So without spending much more time getting your mouths watering, here is a little list that chronicles my experiences and my favourite meals to grill on the Big Green Egg.