Medieval Times Review & Contest

medieval times

Want to experience some good times with the family? Have you visited Medieval Times in Toronto yet? Recently I had the opportunity to take my family back to a time where Knights ruled the land and you only ate food with your hands.

My first memory of Medieval Times (like many of you), came from the movie, The Cable Guy. You go and enjoy a dinner theatre of live performances like it would have been back in Medieval Times (go figure right).

While enjoying a 4-course meal, you get to watch various battles between knights using swords and other weapons you are likely to see on any Episode of Game of Thrones.

For a few hours, you are taken back to a time when Kings called the shots and glory was earned on the battle field.

For us the experience was like nothing we had seen before. Well, sorry, my wife went many years ago, but for myself and the kids it was all brand new.

From flying falcons, to beautiful stallions, the evening had something for everyone.

The Anatomy Of A Netflix Night In

netflix night in

How many times a day to you daydream of being home on the couch with your favourite snack and TV show? Or maybe you have plans to go out, but deep down, you really just want to make it a Netflix night in. I don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty common feeling for me. TV has always been a vital cog in staying sane as a parent to young boys. I look forward to both, watching shows with them, but also watching shows I want to watch after they go to bed.

In the old days, you had to plan your nights according to when and what shows were on. Thursdays used to be big. Must See TV and all that jazz. It was a night you would choose to stay home and make it a fun event.

Now with the likes of Netflix, any night can be whatever you want it to be. No more waiting. If the kids wake up for whatever reason, you put down the popcorn, pause the show and deal. Then pick up where you left off. Technology is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine a time when you just had to suck it up and miss part of what you were watching.

Our family has a few routines when it comes to a Netflix night in. It comes down to whether or not it is a weekday or weekend.

The Weekend – Earned It

No, not The Weeknd. I am talking about the previous two days known as Saturday and Sunday. But, I certainly did earn it (it being success). With just a small taste of spring in the air, it felt like the days exploded with activity, fun and being tired.

With Katie heading out of town early Sunday for  a work conference, it left me with the TCB title and every now and then I think it’s fun to have it all on your shoulders. You quickly appreciate having a partner to trade off with, figure things out with and simply remain sane with. Young kids naturally seem to work together to try to overthrow the kingdom. Many times they come close to knocking down the gate and storming in, but when you have backup, you can stop them at the last moment.

Being by myself, I worry they will finally break through mostly because I just don’t care anymore. Sure, you can eat spaghetti on the couch out of a cup. That makes perfect sense.

Well this past weekend, the castle is in a good state. The reason. Endless activities and at other people’s houses. It’s really the best way to survive a weekend.

Alley Life – Business In The Front, Party In The Back

For those that know us well, you have probably heard about or experienced our “interesting” neighbours wherever we have lived. From loud dance parties, drunk people passed out, those who don’t understand cleanliness and finally, large families just being WAY TOO LOUD. Yes we have experienced quite the range.

We were starting to wonder when we would finally have neighbours who were friendly, respectful and crazy enough, people who we would consider friends.

In Halifax, we never got to know our neighbours beyond front yard pleasantries. I was not sure if it was being in the suburbs, different family backgrounds or maybe they were just afraid of us? I like to think of us as social people, but hey, maybe not.

So, when we moved back to Toronto it was refreshing when we stayed at my in-laws place for a few months, because the neighbours already knew us.

Then it came time to move out on our own again. Time to roll the dice with new neighbours. You never know what you are going to get, especially when you go into a rental unit. All we were hoping for was a few kids on the street for the boys to possibly get to know. Well, we scored.