See You In Hell Diapers

This week was a turning point in our parenting lives. We changed our last diaper. Okay, let me rephrase that. We probably changed our last diaper. There is still always a chance as they say.

But let’s focus on the present. We finally pulled the plug on Charlie’s night-time pull ups. Why? Because we had a hunch he was being a bit lazy when it came to doing a number 2. For months now, Charlie has practically been potty trained. I don’t remember the last time we sent diapers to daycare. But….

He never did number 2 at daycare. He would save it up for that glorious time when a pull up was put on. Every night after about 10 minutes in bed, he would do his business. It was frustrating on so many levels. It meant two diapers per night. It meant Harry had to walk into a stinky room to sleep. It meant messy hands for mom and dad. It was not fun. Heck, some nights Charlie would even smirk at us like it was a big game.

Baking and Streaming This Holiday Season

How did it get to be December 21st already? Christmas is only a few days away and there is still so much to do in our house to get ready. Thankfully, everything that is remaining is of the fun variety. To me, the holidays means time to relax with the family and eat lots of baked goods while watching movies.

So it was great to see this month’s streamteam theme was just that. What have we been baking and what have we been watching on Netflix?

What’s Baking?

Well, so far, most of the baking is still to come. The kitchen will be giving off the scent of freshly baked muffins this week and once everyone is home for Christmas, Netflix will also be giving off smells of a different kind. You know that electronics smell of dust and over usage?

I did manage to do some “dad” baking last week that was festive. I whipped up some easy-bake cinnamon rolls on a night it was just the boys and I. Whenever mom has to work late, we have what the boys call a “dad dinner”. It usually means something they love to eat and watching Netflix.

So when I added cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate, it became a real holiday party.

If you look around the house now, you will see candy canes, gingerbread houses and all kinds of random treats that only show up during the holidays.

Kumon: Work Hard and the Results Will Come

For close to three months, Harrison has been attending Kumon twice a week and doing work almost every day. It’s been a long road, a lot of hard work and this week we saw the results. Amazing results. Even the wonderful people at the center are surprised at how quickly Harrison has moved.

When he started, he was not enjoying reading and learning as much as we thought he should. It was a perfect storm of things I believe that was holding him back. It was never having the smarts, we were sure of that. Harrison I believe hit the Grade One wall. SK was all fun and games and now actual work was cramping his style.

Last name ever, first name greatest. Congrats Harry on 100% on your #kumon test.

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He had to learn to do work in a specific time frame, focus on the teacher and figure out how to do it all on his own. That is quite a challenge for a kid just starting real school.

So Long Old Friend, I Will Miss Your Sweetness

Breaking up is never easy. It brings with it, sleepless nights, awkward conversations, stressful decisions, inner struggles and the stone-cold reality that things will never be the same.

It absolutely blows.  But some relationships are so toxic and wrong, that once you break through to the other side, life is good again. The hard part is getting there. It’s a journey that makes what they did in The Hobbit, look like a walk down the street.

Truly giving up on something you love, there is nothing harder.

But I must.

As of an hour ago, I have decided to break up with a dear, old friend.

The Tooth Fairy is a She and knows Magic

For quite some time, Harry has had a few wiggly teeth going on in his mouth. Finally yesterday, without him even knowing, he lost his first tooth. Where it went remains a mystery. I explained he probably ate it by accident. This brought on many questions as Harry wanted to make sure the Tooth Fairy will still come.

Harry lost his first tooth today. Number 2 is very close behind. Guess we will finally meet the tooth fairy.

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He was pretty confident “she” would still come. Yes, Harry said the Tooth Fairy is a she. He also was quite confident the Tooth Fairy had magical powers to know that he lost and tooth and that he needed a visit overnight.