To Go, Or Not To Go? When The Sickness Strikes


After a week like our family just had, the title above has so many meanings behind it. You see, our household was struck down with the sickness over the past several days. The sickness that hops from belly to belly and does not stop until everyone has had it.

It started last Friday night in the evening with Harry, then it moved to Charlie, then in moved to Katie, and finally it got to me. I did my best to avoid it, but when you are the one on cleanup detail, how are you supposed to hide?

That meant every day turned into, making the tough call on who was going to school and work and who wasn’t. It’s always hard for parents to make this choice. While on one hand, it’s your kids and if they are sick, they stay home. But then all the other factors weigh heavily on your brain. Can I work from home? What will I miss at work? But we were supposed to do thing A or thing B today. Will Harry fall behind on his Kumon? What the hell are we going to do all day sitting at home being miserable?

Monday we all toughed it out. This was where Katie and I thought we were going to miss out. The boys just had a quick weekend bug right? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I got called Monday afternoon at work. Charlie was down for the count, just lying on the floor at daycare under a blanket. Okay, he made it almost all day, not bad.

Shopping For New Auto Insurance? What About La Capitale?


As a parent of young kids, time is worth more than gold. You do your best to stay on top of everything, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty easy to let things slide. In our house, the day-to-day items are covered because they are in your face. It’s hard to forget to buy groceries or new gloves for the kids.

It’s the long term items that run in the background without much attention. One of these areas is auto insurance. We have some obviously, since we drive a car. We have had the same insurance for many years, always auto-renewing and coming out of our account like clockwork every month.

It’s automatic, so I never think about it. We are covered if we need it and that is the extent of what I need to know.
But if I had the mental energy and the time to sit down with it, I would probably start to wonder if I was getting the most bang for my buck. Are their better rates? Companies? Discounts for several years of clean driving? I know there are all of those things. But even typing it out, makes my brain hide under the couch, screaming uncle.

I have heard that you should move around to get better rates and not just let it roll over each year. I have no idea if it is true, but it makes sense. So if I were to look, where should I look?

One such auto insurance company I was contacted by La Capitale Financial Group. By just looking at their website, they were hitting the note I was just talking about.

Kumon Update: Seeing Good Progress After A Few Weeks

As you may know, Harry, our oldest, is going to Kumon twice a week to accelerate his reading skills. Through the blog, I was contacted by Kumon to give the program a try and to share my thoughts on the experience.

Well, we are a few weeks in and I would say we are seeing good progress so far. As I mentioned before, it’s all about structure, routine and repetition. You don’t spend a lot of time doing it, but you do daily for 10-20 minutes.


Here is how our Kumon schedule works.

  • Sunday: Harry does a booklet in the afternoon.
  • Monday: Harry does a booklet after dinner.
  • Tuesday: We go the Kumon centre where Harry does 30 minutes, which includes a booklet with one of the instructors. Here is work from the week is reviewed. We are given new booklets.
  • Wednesday: Harry does a booklet after dinner.
  • Thursday: We go the Kumon centre where Harry does 30 minutes, which includes a booklet with one of the instructors. Here is work from the week is reviewed. We are given new booklets.
  • Friday: You guessed it. Harry does a booklet after dinner.
  • Saturday: Harry does a booklet in the afternoon.

Each booklet takes about 10 or 15 minutes depending on Harry’s energy level. Sometimes it is hard in the week, because we are all pretty tired by 7 pm. It is certainly one of the struggles, but so far there have been no issues.

Top Excuses Our Kids Say To Get Out Of Going To Bed

That time the Jays won and we wore the same pjs. #okbluejays

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Recently Netflix launched these new shorts to help parents fight the epidemic of kids trying to prolong bedtime. The whole concept is #5MoreMinutes, so they made 5 minute long TV shows featuring the Dinotrux.

That got me thinking of all the crazy and outlandish excuses our boys use to try to get out of bed time and extend their day just a little longer. Thanks to these Netflix shorts, when we say, just one more show, we now know it won’t cut into our heavenly parenting time where we pass out on the couch or sit in complete and spectacular silence.

Here are just some of the excuses we have heard in our house when it’s time for bed.

Parents, Kiss Bedtime Battles Goodnight with A Little Help from #Netflix


New DreamWorks Animation Dinotrux ‘5 Minute Favorites’ Launch November 4 only on Netflix

Check out a preview of your new ‘secret weapon’ for bedtime battles here.

Beverly Hills, Calif., Nov. 4, 2015 – Parents, get ready for your victory lap because your bedtime-stalling kids just met their match. It’s no secret kids will say everything from the outrageous – “I hate the inside of my eyelids” – to the hard-to-argue-with “I’m starving-dying of thirst-need to pee” excuse to avoid bedtime o’clock. Now, with the help of Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, grown-ups can stop the kids’ shenanigans while making some mischief of their own.

With today’s launch of five-minute-long ‘favorites’ of the hit series Dinotrux from DreamWorks Animation, parents can offer up an ENTIRE SHOW – that’s 300 whole seconds, kids – to motivate little ones to get ready for bedtime, pronto. Kids will think they’re getting away with murder, but parents will get the last laugh when the show ends after just five minutes and the kids are tucked in on time. Parents: 1, Kids’ Bedtime Stalls: 0.

While short on time, the new Dinotrux 5 Minute Favorites are big on kid-approved action. Netflix and DreamWorks Animation engineered the new shows knowing exactly what kids love most: rewatching their favorite scenes. Parents know when kids like a show, they really like it. And ask to re-watch their favorite scenes over, and over, and over again. The three new 5 Minute Favorites, launching today on Netflix, showcase favorite scenes following the rapid adventures of Ty-Rux and Revvit as they demonstrate important lessons of teamwork and friendship – even among the unlikeliest of pairs. To watch on Netflix simply search for 5 Minute Favorites.