Back To School, DinoTrux Style #StreamTeam


Wow, summer sure went by fast. I know technically there is still a few weeks left, but for kids, it is back to school. That means less time to play, less time to roam free and less time to enjoy NetFlix.

The one show our toy boys are hooked on these days is DinoTrux. It combines two of their favourite things. Transformers and Dinosaurs. The adult in me thinks, are there not already actual Dinosaurs who are Transformers? Anyways, that is another topic.

Getting back to going back to school. One area that signifies the shift back to the classroom is new clothes and a change to shake up your kid’s style.

For our oldest who is going into Grade 1, he has had a Toronto Blue Jays hat on his head since before he could talk. Sadly, a few weeks ago, while on a fun adventure with him mom, he lost his precious hat. It was his go-to identity when he left the house and especially when he went to school. What was he going to do? We of course planned on getting a new hat but when things happen mid-week in a family, it’s not like you can move on a dime and do stuff like that.

BBQ By Barque, Wine By Ravenswood, Consumption By Us


How is the summer going? Pretty hot eh? I am sure there have been many meals that have included BBQ meat and a glass of red wine. Am I right? In our house, the two go hand-in-hand. It’s rare for a weekend to go by without something on the Big Green Egg and a trip to the LCBO.

Recently (OK MONTHS AGO I SUCK), I was sent a lovely package of wine and BBQ.

What’s the perfect libation for indoor or outdoor grilling? A Zinfandel who’s winemaker’s motto is “No Wimpy Wines”.

Barque Smokehouse and Ravenswood Wines have joined forces to bring you the best of both worlds. I was lucky enough to try out the BBQ side, while my wife took care of the wine.

Now keep in mind, I like to BBQ and smoke meat outdoors. But not everyone can. Hence the point of the kit I was sent.

I Need A New Computer

One who blogs does not need much. Drive, an imagination sometimes, an Internet connection and finally, a computer of some kind. So what is a blogger with the computer? Just…