Toronto Move Stories – Three Days in the Car With Kids

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Traveling with children under five can be hard. But if you are prepared and have some luck, you can get through it without too much pain.

We have driven to Boston before and to Ontario before with one kid. Harrison did great on those trips. The first one he was in diapers, so it was easy to keep rolling down the highway. The second time there were many more stops as Harrison just started toilet training, but it all worked out.

This trip, it was going to be three days in the car with two boys. One four, one 18 months. There would be pit stops, hotel stops, sanity stops, a lot of snacks and hopefully a lot of naps.

Charlie has only been in the car for three hours at most for one trip, so we did not know what to expect. Spoiler alert, he was amazing.

We left Halifax on Wednesday morning with the goal of being in Toronto by Friday afternoon.

Toronto Move Stories – A Suitcase With Value

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We have been in Toronto for almost two weeks and I am just now starting to get into a groove. The boys are settled into their routine and that means I have some time again to write in the afternoon. I was thinking to myself that our move from Halifax to Toronto went pretty smooth, but there were some great stories to share.

So that is what I will be doing over the next little while. Catching you up on the whole move, the packing, the road trip, how the boys did and of course how we are fitting in back in Toronto.

The first story I need to share was almost a horrible situation (mostly for me) and it occurred before we even started the drive.

We needed to pack up our house for movers on the 13th. They were coming early, so we had to be ready. For two days Katie and I were going non stop. Tired, hot, annoyed, stressed and 27 other feelings. It was a big job and it never seemed like we were getting anywhere.

Katie had a helpful plan of attack for packing. It was pretty simple. There were three piles.

Finding the Perfect Babysitter

This is a guest post by Rachael Cherry. Rachael is passionate about helping connect families in need with high quality caregivers.

When it comes to finding a babysitter, you don’t want to worry about second-guessing your choice. You need to have a great deal of trust in this individual for he or she is responsible for the most important aspect of your life while you’re away. You don’t want to spend time at work or a night out worrying if your children are safe with the person you hired as a babysitter. What can you do to help ensure you find the perfect candidate to care for your little ones?

1. Use a Reputable Agency –┬áNearly every babysitting and nanny agency provides screening for candidates. Many of these organizations will go to great lengths to help you find the best person for your particular needs. Personal bio, profiles and more can be obtained prior to meeting the individual allowing you to choose which you would like to interview for the position.

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Toys from Hasbro

First of all, I want to apologize to the team at Hasbro for the late review. For most of the month of May, we were moving. The toys sat in a box, waiting to be opened. We did not want to open until we hit the road.


Now that we are settled, the toys are out and the fun has begun.

So, that means review time.

I know the movie opened many weeks ago, but do kids really care? They just want the toys.

The toys that were sent by Hasbro were a Spider-man mask and a Spider-man web shooter.

All Settled In and Back to Full Time Dadding

Today is the first “normal” day for the family. My wife started her new job (the reason we are here) and I am home with the boys. Back to being a SAHD at least for now.

2014-05-17 18.11.25

The plan is to look for work and only take something that is exceptional. You see, we don’t want to do double daycare. With Harry starting school in September, it makes sense to get to then and do the single daycare.

So I get to basically have my second summer in a row at home with the boys. How lucky am I?

Like A Dad To Move Office and Kids To Toronto

Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 15, 2014Like A Dad, a parenting blog focused on the life of one dad and his family, is excited to announce that it will be relocating its office to Toronto, on May 14, 2014.

Like A Dad was started in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in November of 2012, after the birth of the owner’s second son. The blog is relocating it’s staff (family) to Toronto due to job changes and to be closer to family and friends. All day-to-day operations will begin in the new office on the Tuesday after the Victoria Day weekend.

Like A Dad is written and managed by Michael Cusden, a digital marketer, who excels in creating engaging web content for several properties. He will also be leaving his day job of 5 years at SimplyCast, to pursue bigger challenges in Toronto, where he once worked in the television industry.