The Importance of Dads

This is a guest post by Ashley Hardway

There is nothing quite like the love of a dad. Mom’s love is so comforting and nurturing and lets us know we are loved unconditionally. The two loves are hard to compare and are equal in their importance. So many times today we see children left with only one parent and generally it is the mom. The importance of dads and the benefit of having them in children’s lives cannot be replaced by any other love.

In no way am I trying to discount the position or importance of a mother in a child’s life. Mom cannot be replaced any more than dad. So many mothers today are trying to take over the role of mom and dad because of absentee fathers and that is an impossible thing. Women are just not able to be men no matter how hard they try. Dads give us a sense of security and of strength and safety that is so much needed in the world today.

A Dad’s Life: Life Father Like Son

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Who is your favorite sports team? Do you have several?

Everyone seems to have at least one on some level.

The one team that gets our attention and brings us great join and even greater pain.

But how did you pick it? Was it recent or have you been a fan since your childhood?

For me, my dad was pretty new to Canada, so he did not have an allegiance yet. He loved English soccer for sure, but there was no connection with North American sport past knowing who the teams were.

So, for me as a boy, the world was wide open to pick the team I was going to love.

Growing up in SW Ontario, you would think I would have sided with a team from Toronto or Detroit. Nope, I was different.

My longest running bond with a pro sports team is with the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL. I have been a fan of them since I was 10.

Second longest would be my love of Michigan basketball, which started around the same time and makes more geographical sense.

It got me hooked on hoops to the point of playing it for the next several years.

That same University of Michigan team is where I am now seeing the next line of sports fans grow. My boys.

Modern Dads: We Feel The Time Crunch, Too

Michael Cusden, a Halifax marketing manager and his two sons, Harrison, age four and Charlie, age one (scott munn for The Globe and Mail)

Full article can be seen in the Globe and Mail.

“In a lot of companies, guys will get that guilt. If you’re not doing overtime, you’ll be passed by the guy who is because he doesn’t have family obligations,” says Michael Cusden, a Halifax marketing manager.

Cusden, 39, says he got raised eyebrows for taking a six-month parental leave. “I drew my line in the sand,” said Cusden, who now makes it clear that his weeknights are reserved for family. Even so, his leisure time has dried up to a couple of hours on the weekend and he often combines his own errands with playground trips. Being overwhelmed, he says, is “not a mom thing any more. It’s a parent thing.”

Marketing Automation Helps Parents Too


You are wondering, how can marketing automation help parents?

No, it won’t do anything major like change a diaper or put together a Lego castle, but it will help keep you on point.

For example, our daycare has a lot going on. With two boys going every day, there are a lot of events (routine and special) happening each month.

Yes, I read the calendar when it is posted, but today for example, dad forgot a day.

It was costume day for my 4-year old. So there he is walking into a room full of super heroes and he is wearing normal clothes.

Not good enough dad. Well that is probably what my son was thinking.

Video: Heineken – ‘Guest of Honor’

Like I  have said before, one of my favorite beers is Heineken. I know it’s not local or a trendy craft beer, but sometimes, I just want a cool ass beer in a green bottle.

So of course, I enjoy their campaigns. Have you seen this one?

For one night, Heineken presented a one night theater experience titled “Guest of Honor” at The McKittrick Hotel in New York City . The stars of the show? Unsuspecting attendees.

“The Guest of Honor” provided an opportunity for everyday people to get outside their comfort zone and take the stage within an immersive theater experience.

Radio Flyer’s Get Out and Play Daily Giveaway


Recently I was lucky enough to get to try out one of the many toys from Radio Flyer.

Since I had such a positive experience working with Radio Flyer, I am more than happy to share a contest they have going on right now.

You can enter to win free toys every day.

Radio Flyer is rolling into spring and their popular Get Out and Play Daily Giveaway is back. From now until April 21st, Radio Flyer will be giving away one product every day. To enter, simply visit and click on the ‘Get Out and Play Daily Giveaway’ section to register for a chance to win daily.

Winners will be announced on Radio Flyer’s Facebook page weekly.