Video: Invites You To Their Islands of Paradise

In Halifax, we are starting to get the cold weather. In fact last night we had some windy weather that had me wishing for a vacation.

Well I’m happy to offer you a glimpse of an escape. I won’t be going but one can dream right.?

Check out these very descriptive videos from Go Hawaii that will give you  a taste of how you might be able to escape this winter. Weather is changing, might as well head for Hawaii.

It’s a nice way to treat to yourself to a little virtual sand and surf if you’re trapped at your desk or spending way too much time at home with the kids.

Check out to learn more about different adventures you can take on the islands.

Want to get to know the islands better? These videos will warm you right up.

#Movember Day 26 – Getting Used To The Scruffy

I have not been the best at keeping the blogging community as updated as I would have liked on my Mo. But that ‘stache is still going strong and I have received several compliments on it. Not bad eh?

So Day 26 is here and I have to let you all know, I am just over half way to my goal of $500. This year it has seemed much harder to raise money. Maybe last year was just a lucky run?

Who knows. Anyways, I am still doing what I can to raise awareness for men’s health and I feel proud to be walking around with the growth.

Here is today’s photo update.

How To Prepare Your Family For Christmas

This is a guest post by James Smith.

Christmas is one of the most popular events in the calendar year. It commemorates the birth of Jesus, and is observed by millions of Christians and non-Christians worldwide. It is a time to celebrate and generally spread good cheer. Although it is a joyful season, it can be quite hectic for the family, and if you do not prepare in advance, the meaning of the season may be lost. Below are some tips on how to prepare your family for Christmas.

Plan for Christmas together

As a family, you can start planning for Christmas as early as January. Decide if you want to go on holiday, visit friends and family locally or just stay at home. If you decide to go on holiday, choose the destination and set the dates. If you decide to stay at home, agree on what the family will do on that day.

Start saving at the beginning of the year

After the family has agreed on what to do on Christmas, come up with an estimated budget. Once you have the budget, encourage the whole family to start saving some cash weekly. The cash can be put in one jar or each member of the family can save in their own jar. When you save together, Christmas becomes something to look forward to.

Like A Dad Nominated For A Canadian Weblog Award

In the wee hours of the morning today as I gave my emails a quick scan before getting up, one subject line caught my eye.

Canadian Weblog Awards nomination

Cool, it is always nice to get nominated for something.

As I looked into it later on in the morning after dropping the kids off, this is what it said.

Like a Dad has been nominated for the 2013 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Family & Parenting and Life categories.

Well Those Pants Will Need Washing

Today started out like any other morning. I got up at 6:30 am and fed the pets. Then I moved on to the boys, one by one.

First I wake up Harrison because he moves like a teenager and needs a good 10 minutes to get out of bed.

Then I move on to Charlie. I get him dressed, hair brushed and ready for the day.

Back to Harrison and getting him dressed while Charlie plays and tries to get to toys he really should not be touching.

Harrison is dressed and we are on our way down stairs. It takes 10-15 minutes and just like today, it went smooth.

We did not even wake up Katie (I don’t think).

I then did the one thing a parent should never do.

November is Moving Along One Step At A Time


Wow, it is almost half way through November or Movember as you hairy beasts are calling it.

Where has the time gone? I know where – life.

The days since returning to work have been hectic. As I wrote before, we are working on finding a normal routine and that has been a challenge.

The kids are growing up so fast and in particular, Charlie. He is 13 months old now and just ready to explode in so many ways.

We took him for his first ever haircut on Friday. He looks so grown up now.

He is crawling like a flash and his legs are finding the strength for extended standing.

You know what that leads too, right? Yep, walking.