Video: Trailer For Wish I Was Here

Now that I am a dad I easily get sucked into movies that have anything to do with fatherhood. That is just one of the things that hooked me into this trailer for Wish I Was Here. Also, it is by Zach Braff and that song used really sticks in your head.

I was a fan of Garden State many years ago. I am a fan of Braff’s odd look at life and how he writes. I am a fan that he has a scene with his longtime Scrubs co-star. I won’t see this one at the movies, but I will certainly catch it on Netflix one day.

Good or bad, I am certain it will have a kick-ass soundtrack.

Michael Cusden
Michael is the creator of Like A Dad and uses his daily experiences of being a parent and a marketing dude as his content. Always looking to connect with other parents and bloggers.