Video: Small Time Promo Outtake

Small Time hits the big screen In April and here is a funny promo video featuring two of the stars, Christopher Meloni and Dean Norris. This one has some language, so if the kids are around, ear muffs.

Small Time is about a young guy who decides to skip college in favour of joining his father in family used-car business. From watching the trailer it looks like a coming of age story for the boy who shows off his talents as a car salesman.

Here is the official trailer.

What else do you need to know?

1. Well it comes out in April.

2. Stars this lovely lady

3. Features Kevin Nealon

4. Is produced by the co-creator of 24.

5. Has the DEA Agent brother in law from Breaking Bad.

6. My father in law was an executive producer.

7. Go see it if you can.

Michael Cusden
Michael is the creator of Like A Dad and uses his daily experiences of being a parent and a marketing dude as his content. Always looking to connect with other parents and bloggers.