The Lowdown on the Slow Down on Lansdowne #TTC

Lansdowne bus

Allow me to complain about something that impacts me directly and not so much the majority of my readership. Public transit, most notably, the Lansdowne bus (RT 47) once it hits Dundas West. In a word – embarrassing.

Oh it is not actually the Toronto Transit Commission’s fault (TTC) that transit on this route has reduced to a crawl most days, but they certainly did not help the fact (will get to that later).
First, the pain in the ass problem my wife and I face daily.

We both work downtown and are on the subway line. It makes it super easy to get to and from work and in an efficient manner. The average trip for me usually takes 25-30 minutes door-to-door. That’s amazing right?
Since we moved to our new house, our boys have moved to Parkdale PS school. Thankfully, there is a bus route right next to it, so whoever drops off or picks up, it’s very convenient. Or so it should be.
The problem is that southbound on Lansdowne once you drop below Dundas West has been under city construction for 5 years. Okay, exaggeration on that. Since the start of the summer. Every time we think it’s over, it’s extended. Right now it has been pushed to the end of October.

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