Why I Almost Missed The #Raptors Big Game 6 Win

It has been a few days since the best basketball night ever and I wanted to share my story. Even Kawhi is no match for a wicked Ontario thunderstorm.

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Wow what a night of highs and lows. I had promised the boys they could stay up for this historic game. We all napped. We were in pjs all ready and that darn thunderstorm knocked out our Rogers an hour before the game. We were all praying for it to come back. Over the next few hours we tried streaming on data. We had the scoreboard on the tv. We ended up with streaming the radio call. It was hard. It was a real downer. We were missing history. Also the Raptors were playing bad at least that’s how it sounded. I was on with Rogers support and I guess it was just our little area. By the third the boys were both asleep. I was pacing. I was stressed. I was so angry at the cable. Then it started to happen. The comeback. Radio is a whole different way to experience the game. You just have to visualize it. I was pacing. I was stopping to close eyes and pray. They took the lead. I did give up on all hope of the game coming on. Then as the Raptors were holding on for ‘deer’ life I saw the cable box cycling. It was back. I started streaming on iPad right away. Then the tv came back on. They were winning. Kawhi was taking us home. I woke up the boys just in time to witness history. God damn that was amazing. I won’t lie. The eyes got dusty when Kyle walked to center court grinning with pride. We all saw history. I then of course watched everything again and again. The boys went to bed and I spent an hour relaxing before sleep. Harry said he could not sleep due to excitement. So in the end a great night. I can’t believe how it all happened but that will always be part of the memory. My nerves are shot. My data is gone. But the mo fo Raptors are in the NBA Finals. What a night. . . . . . #raptors #wethenorth #rogers #parkdale #nbafinals #lowry #kawhi #brothers #parenting #letsgoraptors #onstorm

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6 Months Clear – Let’s Drink?

Today marks 6 months to the day since I walked out of The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre in Toronto and went home after what seemed like months in a bed hooked up to all kinds of devices. That day will always stick with me. The smell of fresh air and the feeling of relief.


As most of you know, I was admitted for some pretty scary heart issues and remained in the hospital (UHN represent!) for almost 2 weeks. Amazing how things have changed since.


I had my 6 month check in with my cardio team and it was fitting that it was with “Dr. Nadia” as she will always be known. The doctor who helped me a great deal mentally and physically to get through to the other side. She was elated at seeing me for the first time since.


Today was a key milestone in the road to recovery. I had always known the 6 month mark was a big one. And it was.



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My Unintentional Diet

One of the biggest outcomes of my summer of 18 is a big change in weight. People who don’t know my story are leaning towards me having some kind of sickness, rather than I am just working my ass of to be skinny. I get why. I have not been working out. I feel like I am shrinking in terms of muscle and I keep joking, I’m not Christian Bale from The Machinist.


Also, it was not a gradual weight loss. I picked up a Fit Bit in April and really got into the idea of getting fit. I walked to work a few times and was pushing 11-12K steps a day. I lost 11 lbs. in a few months.

Then the July thing hit. From July 4 to the end of the month, I lost another 20 lbs. That was from the water pills, the tiny food intake and pretty much not moving for most of my stay in the hospital.

All the water weight was gone. I never really saw it. But others were shocked. I looked much skinnier and actually seemed taller than the usual 6’5.

Since I left the hospital and got on the new diet, I have actually lost a few more lbs.

So in April 2018, I was 238 lbs. The heaviest I have ever been.

August 2018, I am 206, the lightest I have been since high school.

My clothes are big and I really need to do some shopping.

But while feeling small, I do feel good. I don’t have any pains, feeling of being tired or signs of retaining water. That means I am not stock piling the salt anymore.

The medical team would like it if I stayed around 210 lbs (or at least not go over to quickly).

For those envious of my weight loss. It was not the most ideal way, so I don’t recommend it. But I do recommend taking a look at what you can cut out. What salt or sugar you can live without.

The water weight will start to drop. I was amazed how much of my weight was simply retained water because of the salt stored in my system not letting it go.

Before it all happened I was doing well in losing weight. But I can’t truly believe I would have ever lost 20+ lbs. without having the hospital stay to cause it.

Next up, getting back to working out and getting some muscle definition again. I can’t wait.

Cleared For Take Off – Well At Least More Steps

Uh this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising the friendly skies at 35,00 feet, little turbulence and an air temperature of AWESOME.

See where I am going with this? Yes, I am getting better it seems. I had a family doctor appointment and a cardiologist appointment last week, and they were both great. The biggest issue was wax build up in my right ear. Considering where I was six weeks ago, I will take it.
More importantly, the heart has not caused me any issues. My two halter days showed perfection. The meds are doing what they are supposed to and my new diet is making a big difference.


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