Like A Dad Has Become a Green Geek – Kind Of

From that title you are probably expecting some story about recycling or working on my eco footprint. Well it’s a stretch but I did make a move to make the blog more green.

The back story goes like this. Since I started a blog called Cuzoogle in 2008 and experienced mega-traffic, I have had a DV server of my own. Even when Cuzoogle slowed down and Like A Dad started, I kept the server going. Probably a silly idea since of the cost and the fact that I did not really need it. I was lazy and not technical enough to figure out how to switch to something more practical.

Well last week my laziness caught up with me and I had to act. The dormant Cuzoogle I believe got hacked. Which then lead to my server getting hacked, which lead to the friendly folk at Media Temple turning me off. Boo.

Again I am not a web developer of any type and Media Temple is a hands off operation. So to downgrade to cheaper web hosting. I needed to do it all myself. No chance.

So I needed to find somewhere else to go, and fast. Like A Dad was offline and that was really burning my toast.

I think I chatted with MT daily for a week, learning everything I needed to try to attempt to get my site back up. It really became clear, I needed help.

I looked for a Canadian web host that offered site migration as part of the move. Sweet. They do it for me.

The host I found was called Green Geeks. Hence how the blog is now going green.

So how is Green Geeks actually green? Here is a blurb from their website.

At Green Geeks we have two important goals.

Provide quality, dependable web hosting services at affordable rates with the best customer service in the business.

We live by very simple and important principle, which is, without customers we have no business. Our customer’s satisfaction is the #1 focus for every team member of the company and I personally guarantee my attention for to every customer.

Promote every web site on the internet to be hosted by a web hosting company utilizing green energy.

We hope that if you do not choose Green Geeks to host your web site, please choose some other certified green energy web host. When you do choose a green hosting company please promote that fact on your web site. We want your web site visitors to see that you support green energy.

Cool, sounds like they want to make the world green. Good enough for me.

I found them easy to deal with, they went above and beyond to get my site up, and I got a sweet deal of annual hosting. Win, win, win.

Now I don’t want to make it sound like MT was bad. I used them for hosting for six years. But I kind of outgrew needing them. I no longer need a giant host to manage all my traffic. Maybe I go back there one day, but for now, shared web hosting is good enough for me.

Plus I can say I went Canadian, and green. Not bad eh?

Sign up and try Green Geeks today.

Thank You Readers

Wow time flies when you are having fun right? While fighting the battles of parenting this month, this blog crossed a pretty cool milestone. At almost two years to the day of launch, Like A Dad hit the 100,000 views mark.


I know Kim K’s ass gets that in an hour, but for this tiny parenting blog, I think it is an accomplishment.

That is why I want to send a quick thanks to all who read, land on, share and spread the good word  of this site.

I have so many stories to share and creative ideas to get out of my head, I am very happy to have this space to do it.

Again, thank you for your continued support.


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