100 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer In Toronto

Summer in toronto

Every year I secretly look forward to a list that Sarah over at Solo Mom Takes Flight does. Basically she plans out my summer for me when it comes to entertaining the kids. Well it dropped finally and I love it. But after reading it, I had a lot of my own suggestions that did not make her list, so, I figured, let’s go for 100.

Don’t get me wrong, so many of Sarah’s ideas are great and if you follow her on Instagram, you know she loves visiting every part of Toronto. I can only strive to do the same.

Every thing she suggested made me think of a few more. I started remembering when I had the kids all summer a few years ago and all the places we went. It’s exciting.

Toronto is such a great city, especially in the summer. You never have to leave. You can find something fun to do every day and in all price ranges.

So, thanks for the inspiration Sarah. Please visit her blog and read about where in the world she is with her kids.

100 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer in Toronto

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Photo Of Day – Mad Chax Fury Road

I have yet to see Max Mad Fury Road, but from all of the social messages I have read, it seems it can be referred to as a hit. Well a hit in terms of ultimate eye candy. I try not to read reviews but it’s hard not to take a look when everyone on your feed is going on about how jaw-dropping it is.

So since I can’t weigh in, I might as well have some fun with a photo I took of Charlie on the weekend.

Here is the photo. Charlie enjoying a quiet drive in the back alley. No big kids to mess with. No traffic jams going to the cottage. Just peace and quiet.


Now here is Charlie joining the Fury Road.


Have you seen the movie? Care to give a review in the comments? I hear you have to do it in ALL CAPS.

Top 10 Toronto Shots Including My Kids

It’s a slow day on the home front, so I thought I would share some photos. Just this morning, a fan mentioned that I post some pretty good shots of Toronto on my Instagram page. Since they pretty much always have my kids in it, I decided to go through and pick 10 of my favourite.

Toronto is a great city to raise kids in. It is so busy and relaxing at the same time. You can pretty much do as much or as little as you want and it is rarely the same twice.

Where do you like to take your kids in Toronto?

Here are photos of my Top 10 Toronto shots including my kids.