Should We Have Universal Childcare in Nova Scotia?

As a parent who has just sent off our two boys to daycare, I was very interested to hear this story on CBC Information Morning today. It was about the cost of child care and how hard it is for parents today to actually pay for it.

So is the answer universal child care in Nova Scotia that makes this vital service accessible for all?

That is what Heather Avery thinks.

If you listen to the audio, we are living this exact story right now. We are basically working to pay for child care. A huge percentage of our monthly budget is now being spent on child care while we both work.

The cost is higher than our mortgage and some days has us questioning why both of us are actually working. Maybe it is cheaper for one parent to stay home?

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Day 117: The Crying Game


Today was the second day for Charlie at daycare. The difference for today’s visit was that it was two hours long and I would not be there for the second hour.

Well, that was rough on Charlie. Even moving a few feet away from him would upset the little guy. Now, based on his personality, this may not have anything to do with me. He tends to be an environment guy. If it is a place he does not want to be, it does not matter who he is with.

A daycare full of kids and babies is not quiet. It is chaos times a million and when you are used to a quiet and structured home life, well that can get to anyone. Especially a baby like Charlie.

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