Modern Dads: We Feel The Time Crunch, Too

Michael Cusden, a Halifax marketing manager and his two sons, Harrison, age four and Charlie, age one (scott munn for The Globe and Mail)

Full article can be seen in the Globe and Mail.

“In a lot of companies, guys will get that guilt. If you’re not doing overtime, you’ll be passed by the guy who is because he doesn’t have family obligations,” says Michael Cusden, a Halifax marketing manager.

Cusden, 39, says he got raised eyebrows for taking a six-month parental leave. “I drew my line in the sand,” said Cusden, who now makes it clear that his weeknights are reserved for family. Even so, his leisure time has dried up to a couple of hours on the weekend and he often combines his own errands with playground trips. Being overwhelmed, he says, is “not a mom thing any more. It’s a parent thing.”

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The New Normal: Life After Going Back To Work


Back to life, back to reality.

Ever since my gig called parental leave ended a few weeks ago, our home has been in a bit of chaos.

The entire goal of the day now is to survive and get to the end. The mornings are different. The day is different. Thankfully the nights are pretty much the same other than the fact that we are much more tired.

Everything changed when dad went back to work.

Four different people. Four routines changed in a blink of an eye.

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Day 132: That’s It Folks, Show Is Over


Parental leave is over. My life returns to normal. Back to work I go tomorrow. Hope I remember how it all goes.

Everyone has been asking if I was going to do some epic finale post to wrap it all up? Well of course I am. But not yet. I want to let it sink in. I want to reflect on what the last six months were to me. I want to talk to grown ups again.

So, yes, I will do a concluding post at some point, but for now you will have to wait.

With all the sickness running through our house, my last few days have flown by. I have been too busy caring for the baby and running back and forth to daycare to notice it all slipping away.

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Recapping #nomomweek – We Survived


Well in a few hours it will be around the time that #nomomweek started in our house. Yep, on Saturday night, my wife returned home and it was greeted with great excitement by all the men at Like A Dad.

Looking back, it went by pretty quick, which is good, but it is only over the last few days that I am fully realizing just how tiring it was.

How do the single parents do it all the time?


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