Forget Secretly Cheating, We Just Do Our Own Thing

Catchy title eh? Don’t worry. It’s not what you think? I don’t have the energy to pull that off. I am quite happy with one special person in my life.

No, the title is referring to cheating on the person you binge watch Netflix shows with. Yes, it’s true. A recent study shows 46% of the people polled, will venture on with a show and not wait for their partner.

Netflix_cheating_global_infographic (1)

So how do we get around that sticky situation at our house? It’s easy. We have our own shows. No waiting around required.

Currently my wife is blitzing through every episode of Scandal she can get her hands on, while I am spending time with The Fall.

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Back to School With Netflix and Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

As October starts to creep into the picture, it’s hard to believe that school has been going full force for almost a month. For our boys, the days are long, but they are fun and busy. How do they unwind after a day of learning, playing and being busy – they come home, turn on the Netflix and zone out with a snack.

From roughly 5:45pm to 6:30pm most weekdays, our two are in front of the TV enjoying one of their fave shows and having a small snack before dinner. Their brains are mush, so it’s good to keep it light. Their tummies are grumbly, so it’s all about priming them for a good dinner.

This time is also great for mom and dad to actually talk about the day without being interrupted. All is great for 45 minutes. It is a peaceful time for everyone to change into comfy clothes and silently enjoy each other’s company.

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The #Netflix Binge Scale

If there is one thing Netflix has done, it has moved the word “binge” into our daily¬†language. Few like to brag about binge eating all the chips in their house, our binge drink all the wine in the cupboard. But man, we sure like to let everyone know when we binge watched a show on Netflix while ignoring the live and people around us.

It’s almost like a badge of honour. Only watch one show at a time? That seems pretty amateur these days. Ignore the kids, friends, bills, chores, laundry, cleanliness, grass and everything else and throw down six eps. of Suits in a day instead. We have all done it right?

Now Netflix has released actual data to back up our habits. They call it the Netflix Binge Scale. On a side note, I am pretty glad Lays does not do the same for eating chips.

Here it is.


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The Anatomy Of A Netflix Night In

netflix night in

How many times a day to you daydream of being home on the couch with your favourite snack and TV show? Or maybe you have plans to go out, but deep down, you really just want to make it a Netflix night in. I don’t know about you, but it’s a pretty common feeling for me. TV has always been a vital cog in staying sane as a parent to young boys. I look forward to both, watching shows with them, but also watching shows I want to watch after they go to bed.

In the old days, you had to plan your nights according to when and what shows were on. Thursdays used to be big. Must See TV and all that jazz. It was a night you would choose to stay home and make it a fun event.

Now with the likes of Netflix, any night can be whatever you want it to be. No more waiting. If the kids wake up for whatever reason, you put down the popcorn, pause the show and deal. Then pick up where you left off. Technology is a beautiful thing. I can’t imagine a time when you just had to suck it up and miss part of what you were watching.

Our family has a few routines when it comes to a Netflix night in. It comes down to whether or not it is a weekday or weekend.

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