Guest Post: My Son’s Helping Hand to My Health

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This is a guest post by Jared Harris.

Last year, one of my buddies asked me if I would help him with the renovations on one of his several residential properties. Besides some volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity with some of my fraternity brothers, I had no real previous experience in anything home improvement-related. Still, I agreed to help.

In the process of installing a glass-paneled door, I tripped over a nail and lost the grip on my side of the door. My right hand went directly through the glass, slicing four of my tendons in the process. I panicked and there was blood everywhere. I had no idea what the extent of my injury was before we made it to the emergency room, but I knew that I had lost total control of both my index finger and thumb. During the car ride, I tried to make my brain tell my fingers to move, but nothing would happen.

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Guest Post: Teaching Children About Violence in Video Games


This is a guest post by Ken Myers.

While you may not allow your children to play violent video games, that does not mean they won’t be exposed to them. Here are some tips to help you teach your children about violence in video games and help them to grow in maturity and understanding:

Teach the Children Wisely – Teaching children about digital violence and how it doesn’t relate to the real world isn’t as difficult as some parents may think. Although I believe that certain ages really don’t need to be subjected to some forms of violence, I also believe that parents have a responsibility to discuss the difference between reality and fantasy with children. Even though you may not allow violent video games in the home, it doesn’t mean that his or her friends won’t have those games at their houses.

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How To Prepare Your Family For Christmas

This is a guest post by James Smith.

Christmas is one of the most popular events in the calendar year. It commemorates the birth of Jesus, and is observed by millions of Christians and non-Christians worldwide. It is a time to celebrate and generally spread good cheer. Although it is a joyful season, it can be quite hectic for the family, and if you do not prepare in advance, the meaning of the season may be lost. Below are some tips on how to prepare your family for Christmas.

Plan for Christmas together

As a family, you can start planning for Christmas as early as January. Decide if you want to go on holiday, visit friends and family locally or just stay at home. If you decide to go on holiday, choose the destination and set the dates. If you decide to stay at home, agree on what the family will do on that day.

Start saving at the beginning of the year

After the family has agreed on what to do on Christmas, come up with an estimated budget. Once you have the budget, encourage the whole family to start saving some cash weekly. The cash can be put in one jar or each member of the family can save in their own jar. When you save together, Christmas becomes something to look forward to.

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Benefits Of Drawing for Kids


Today I am excited to feature a guest post by Kathleen Wilson. She reached out to Like A Dad, asking to share her thoughts on the benefits of teaching our children arts and crafts. How could I say no.

Drawing is typically seen as a great past time for kids; keeping them busy while giving parents a little break to clean or pay bills. Here is some great news, not only is drawing fun for children but it also provides huge health benefits as well.

One great benefit that drawing provides kids is that it stimulates brain activity and development. Drawing stimulates a child’s brain to grow which results in better observation, perception and critical thinking skills.

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