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Being a dad is the greatest gift, job, task, goal, role or journey a man can take on in life. There is nothing like being a dad.

Of course we all do it our own way and that is what inspired, like a dad.

Dads have their own spin on the simplest things. Dads see the world through different eyes. Dads are the new moms. Okay, that is not true. Moms rule the world. Any dad truly knows that down deep. But while they are doing their mothering thing, we get to have the fun. We get to discover new ways to parent and new ways to screw up.

This blog is for all the dads out there who do it there way. I will be adding my own battle stories from being a dad to two young boys. Whether it be the daily battles, grilling on the Big Green Egg, or a new place to take the kids in Toronto, this is the place to read all about it.

the boys

The Gang

As you read this blog, you will hear mentions of four main characters. Myself, my wife and the two boys. I may forget to really introduce any of us and use nicknames or other references. This page is your guide.

Dad/Me – Michael: 40 something marketing guy who loves to blog about sports and cooking. Living in Toronto, Canada.

Mom/Wife – Katie: 30 something fundrasing machine who would rather hold a book than a tablet. Also living in Toronto, Canada.

Boy 1/Bean – Harrison: Born in 2009, Harry was the initial project of parenting. He is a real ham and loves cars, cars and cars.

Boy 2/Toop – Charlie: Born in 2012, Charlie is everything kid 1 was, just bigger. He loves sleeping, eating and again, cars.

One day we will add more to the Like A Dad community but for now, these are the cast of characters for the ongoing story of this blog.

I Also Contribute To

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Our Story

My wife and I met in Toronto in 2004 and it has been a wild ride ever since. Our path took us to Halifax, Nova Scotia where we became car owners, parents, home owners and husband and wife.

Our boys will be Haligonians forever, but we reached a point where home started calling. Family became something we needed to surround the kids with. No more being a plane ride away from everyone. We had to go home.

Back to Toronto in 2014, 10 years after meeting.

Now we are seeing Toronto through parenting eyes and it is a whole new world. Toronto is an amazing city to raise kids in. Yes it is busy, loud and expensive, but the experiences and opportunities that are now available, make up for it.

That is our family in a page. Thank you for joining us on the adventure.