All Aboard The Big Boy Bed Train


On rainy days, it is always a struggle to think of ways to entertain the boys and most importantly, keep our sanity. I know there are probably a million and one things to do in Toronto indoors, but Sunday morning is not the time to count on the brain for a home run.

So, we did what we normally do, shop. We headed to Dufferin Mall and when I was saying we could go to Toys R Us, Katie said something about there also being Babies R Us if we needed anything there. Then she stopped herself and said, I guess we don’t need that stuff anymore.

It’s true, our house is slowing looking less and less baby-like. The sippy cups are losing their lids, diapers are going the way of the dinosaur and we even leave the house sometimes without the diaper bag.

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Hopping On The Magic School Bus With My Kids

Earlier this month I wrote about all the cartoons I want to share with my kids one day. They included a lot of classics like Transformers, He-Man and Scooby Doo. Those cartoons were listed in a Netflix survey of dads around the world.

Another Netflix reboot I have already shared with my kids is one I remember as a kid. The Magic School Bus. It was one of the first cartoons I remember as being “schooly” or educational. It was like the movie Innerspace. The kids shrink and go on a Magic School bus to solve a scientific mystery. They travel into the digestive system and back in time to see the Dinosaurs.

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Lax-A-Day Keeps The Constipation Away

If you are a parent, you no longer have a problem openly talking about poop. As the book says, everybody poops, so why do you get such eye rolls when you bring it up? After changing hundreds of diapers, you become an expert on it.

You are so focused on your child’s digestive system that you might as well share your battle stories. The runny ones, the lumpy ones and the ones that never come because your kid is constipated or backed up. For kids, they seem to always loosen up thanks to fruit or yogurt.

For adults , well constipation is whole new thing.  Our digestive systems ain’t what they used to be. All it takes is a perfect storm of foods and drinks and the whole system clogs up, making life very uncomfortable.

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Infographic: 6 Tips To Defeat Dad Bod

The new “dad bod” trend is a perfect example of shooting an arrow and drawing a bullseye around it. But no matter how you spin it, nearly 3 of 4 men are considered overweight in America, and basing your health goals on a #hashtag is not the best idea. It may work for Leonardo DiCaprio, but let’s be honest … you’re not Leo.

6 Tips To Defeat Dad Bod – An infographic by the team at Positive Promotions