Smoking Chicken Wings On Big Green Egg

It has been awhile since I shared some of my Big Green Egg cooking with you. I recently got my Egg back and have cooked a few tasty meals on it. One of my favourite things to smoke are chicken wings. I used to put wings in the category of food I would rather order out, but since getting the Egg, wings at home are great.

I was going to type out a recipe for you, but one I have followed before is from this video. It’s way more entertaining than reading, and when it comes to smoked meat, a visual makes you so much more hungry.

This method will show you how to make delicious juicy chicken wings with crispy skin and a awesome smoke flavour. This is a great way to cook wings on any smoker, letting the drippings vaporize on the hot coals adding moisture and a exceptional flavour that everyone will love.

I usually will use my plate for indirect heat, but this way sure adds more smoke. You just have to be careful of burning the wings, so keep the fire low.

The other difference I did from this video is I had wings that were already cut. I have never been a fan of the tips. What are your thoughts?

Perfect for a Sunday of football.

What is your favourite meal to cook on the Big Green Egg?

Thanks to the guys of the Backyard BBQ Show.

Gallery of Big Green Egg Meals

Book Of The Week – The Water Hole

bookofweek Book Of The Week   The Water Hole

This week’s popular book is one we have had for years. It is called The Water Hole and it was given to Harrison as a gift at least three years ago. With him, we have read it hundreds of times to the point of his still knowing all the words.

book thewaterhole Book Of The Week   The Water Hole

Now it is a fave of Charlie. He especially loves the Panda page.

Have you read this one with your kids? It has an environmental message that points out how important water is to the world. No water, not much left to enjoy.

What I like about is, it is a good length. Not that long, but still it involves counting and a story. It also has some creative pages that show the water hole drying up over time.

Each landscape illustration conceals hidden animal pictures for readers to find as they count the animals that visit the water hole and try to solve the mystery. It is a fun game to play with the boys.

As for now, back to having fun and reading to my kids.

What book is on your child’s hot list right now? I would love a recommendation.

Book of the week can be seen every Monday.

Dad Blogger Fatigue, It’s A Thing

dad blogger fatigue Dad Blogger Fatigue, Its A Thing

Right off the bat, I tend to cringe at being referred to as a “dad blogger”, but I have learned to roll with it and even poke fun at myself. It’s the easiest way to sum it up to people as they lose interest if you try to explain any further. I mean being a blogger is about as interesting as telling your non-kid friends about the time your kid put on their own pants.

But, for this post, I wanted to talk about a definite problem I am having these days – dad blogger fatigue. No it’s not the flu or even a migraine, it’s me being so tired from being dad, that I have no gas left in the tank to focus on something I am good at, and have had a lot of success at.

There are 78,000 parent bloggers out there and most of the time I wonder to myself, who is taking care of their kids as they seem to be online all day long.

Back in my pre-kid days, I had a run where I did blogging full-time and I put together quite the following and traffic flow. It’s a grind, but when you have the time to do it, it is certainly possible. But now that I have less than a few hours in a day to do everything from cleaning, laundry, dinner planning, any freelance work I have and of course putting together a blog post someone will actually want to read.

I have a lot of good ideas and topics in my head from the day-to-day experiences of being home with the kids, but they don’t seem to make it to the computer. I wish I could download the wonderful paragraphs I put together in my head, then I would be set.

But no, sitting at the computer always takes a back seat to something else. Then in the evening when all is quiet and there is time, it is too easy to want to rest, watch TV and go to bed. Yes, that is where I need to push myself, but it is nice to actually hang out with my wife, even if it is watching Bobby Flay on the Food Network.

The art of staying home with our youngest and getting things done is tricky. It takes a lot of energy, and lately I just have not felt like I have it.

And as many point out who do the stay-at-home parenting thing, there is no time to recover.

I am by no means digging ditches, but I am more mentally exhausted than anything.

I am much more likely to do something on my phone these days than go sit at the computer. Writing any kind of content over 140 characters on my phone is not for me.

I guess the good news is I am busy and get to have a blast playing with my son. The down side is, there is not much energy left to continue growing this blog.

Right now it entertains a few of you, I get the odd product offering to review and I get to share dad stories with the world. But I know it could be a lot more. I know how to make it more, I just don’t have the energy and time. Maybe I am impatient?

When the kids are older, this blog will still be around and I should have more time to sit and write something.

Thank goodness for Twitter and Instagram. They allow me to share stuff, build brand and engage with other parents without being near a computer. They are perfect for those times you are afraid to step on the creeky floor near your son’s room during nap time.

Fatigue of any kind is usually just a short-term bump. I know it will change. It feels like the perfect storm for me. I am getting anxious to find full-time work, the days are getting shorter (darker), the new schedule does not all for a lot of kid free time and I just want to dominate at this blogging thing like I used to.

As Justin Timberlake would say, cry me a river.

I should focus on what I have. I have two great kids, an awesome wife, a home I am loving and very few negative things in my life.

So not being able to blog a lot, that is not that big a deal.

Plus when you are feeling something like dad blogger fatigue, it is the perfect topic to write about to help get out of the basement so to speak and back out on the street of life.

What is your fatigue of choice these days?

**Side note: Three times during the making of this post, I had to leave and help at least one child do something.**

Another Dad Blogger worth checking out

Dad and Buried – It is sold as the anti-parenting blog, and I find it very entertaining and my kind of writing.


Halloween Photos From The Past

As we get set for Halloween this Friday, I wanted to post some photos of what the kids have dressed up in the past. This year should be the most fun to date as both boys are in full understanding of what it means to go door to door and say trick or treat. Okay, Charlie will probably just stick to his “more” style, but he does not say that much yet.

Stay tuned to the Instagram page for more on this year’s costumes.

Halloween Photo Montage 

As you can see, what have gotten a lot of use out of that tiger suit. What are some of the classic costumes your kids have worn?

They Grow Up So Fast

harryathoward They Grow Up So Fast

As you may already know, Harrison turned five in September. Since, he seems to be growing more mature by the day. As my wife put it, it is bittersweet.

The latest installment of where did my little boy go, Harrison now goes into school by himself. I pretty much get him to the property line of Howard and he takes over from there.

It’s like he is big man on campus. Saying hi to friends, commenting on backpacks and pretty much ignoring good ol’ dad.

I follow him around to his door and have to remind him to say bye bye.

He is a big kid now I guess.

I do watch him go in the door and gaze through the glass to make sure he does what he is supposed to. He does of course.

Check one more thing off the list that I am not really needed for.

This new idea of independence was totally his idea. Last week he just asked if he could go in by himself. I did not see any harm.

I get a kick out of how every day he walks around that school without a care in the world. Like he truly loves in and belongs.

I hope for every school he goes to in the future, that never changes.

Now the walks home are full of me having conversations with Charlie, as he thinks to himself, dad chill out, I am two.

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dadform1 Subscribe To Get Like A Dad Updates

I try my best to write often, but sometimes parenting gets in the way. So instead of stopping by the site every 10 minutes to see if there is a new post (I do appreciate it), why not subscribe to get new posts emailed right to you?

Technology rules.

Over on the upper right side of this blog, there is a tiny form where you add your information and boom, you will get posts sent to as they happen.

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Honestly, I would love to share new content 75 times a day, but that just seems unrealistic. Also, you should not care about me that much.

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