To The Edge & Beyond In Your Living Room #StreamTeam


Last summer, one of the best movies we watched with Harrison was How To Train Your Dragon. It had a little bit of everything for the whole family. Dragons, comedy, adventure and of course the story of a boy and his dragon. It was a hit.

Later we watched How To Train Your Dragon 2, again, it was a hit.

So, we were all thrilled when Netflix released an all-new original series called Dragons: Race to the Edge. Basically it’s a series all about Hiccup and Toothless. The cool part, this time around, Charlie was totally into dragons, flying and fun adventure.

The boys were ready to go to the edge and beyond with this show and that was before the fun package came in the mail from Netflix.

The kit that we received had all kinds of cool items to add to the experience. Chips that were called dragon teeth, a map to show where everything was happening and even a cozy blanket to curl up in. Yes, the blanket was not used as the Toronto weather has been hot, hot, hot.

I watched the first episode with the boys, but after that, they took off flying without me. Toothless of course is their favourite. All the old How To Train Your Dragon toys have come back out of the box and the boys argue over who gets the old Dragon cup for their meals.

Branding wins in our house for sure.

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Ignoring The Blog Like A Dad

Family sketch. I am the big fatty on the right apparently.

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Well I almost let it go a whole month. NOT ON MY WATCH BLOG.

So before 30 days of no blogging goes by, I had to put finger to plastic and give you something to read.

The last month has been busy. There is so much to do in a day, one of the last things I feel like doing at night is writing. I miss the blog. I miss the interaction with my fan. I mean fans.

Workin’ For A Livin’

The biggest reason for the drop off in blogging, is work. I have fallen into a great job that keeps me very busy and challenged. Instead of figuring out how to drive readers to this blog with no money and the power of cute kids, I am trying to drive buyers to a business website with the power of big dollars and cool products. Same shit, different environment. Hmmm maybe I should use my kids to sell my company product?

I have been at it for two months and feel like I have accomplished a lot, but there is so much more to do. I am going to be a busy guy for quite some time.

I still for the most part take the boys to school and do some of the pick ups. The morning walks are much more enjoyable for everyone I would have to say.

Things that have fallen off the cliff since I went back to work:

– Keeping a tidy house.
– Reading books.
– Thinking about exercise. Yep before at least I thought about it.
– Less time for TV.
– Less time for BBQ.
– Less time for blogging. That again.

Those Boys

Oh those boys. My pride and joy. My Batman and Robin.

Harry and Charlie are thriving as always. Not even humidex warnings slow those two down. Charlie is going through a phase of getting hurt, but hey, he is two. That is what happens right. His face looks like he is in UFC right now. He is running, talking, peeing standing up, cracking jokes, counting to 20 and overall, bring smiles to our faces every day. He is such a different kid that Harry. It keeps us on our toes.

Harry completed SK and is currently in summer camp. I would tell you more about his school year, but thanks to the teachers and province, all we know is that he ” participated” and is moving on to Grade 1.

His passion right now is bugs. Exploring and learning about bugs. his iPad skills are exceptional and his diet is still pretty boring. Summer soccer is going well, although he finds it a little boring. Apparently he needs a kid version of the EPL.

Harry had Panamania and I think want to become a track star as soon as he can. It was awesome to see how into the games he got. I think that porcupine had a lot to do with it.

I could write all day about those two, but I do like to keep a lot of the stories off the blog and just for us. I certainly don’t mind sharing how Charlie waits until he goes to bed to have the largest, smelliest poops ever.

What we have been up to

Here is a laundry list of things we have done this summer.

– Drove to Sarnia to see my family.
– Went to Ottawa to see friends.
– My friend Kevin visited from Boston for a day.
– I cooked a kick ass brisket on the Big Green Egg.

– Katie and I have been going out more thanks to some very nice babysitter volunteers.
– We had no fridge for 4 days.
– We had racoons living in our backyard.
– We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.

What else?

That’s it. I am tired. I am probably going to neglect the blog for another 29 days. I don’t want to but August looks busy as well.

What have you been doing?

Oh yeah, I blew up a kiddie pool and almost killed myself.

Discount shelf at Canadian Tire for the win. Everyone in the pool. #Toronto

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All Aboard The Big Boy Bed Train


On rainy days, it is always a struggle to think of ways to entertain the boys and most importantly, keep our sanity. I know there are probably a million and one things to do in Toronto indoors, but Sunday morning is not the time to count on the brain for a home run.

So, we did what we normally do, shop. We headed to Dufferin Mall and when I was saying we could go to Toys R Us, Katie said something about there also being Babies R Us if we needed anything there. Then she stopped herself and said, I guess we don’t need that stuff anymore.

It’s true, our house is slowing looking less and less baby-like. The sippy cups are losing their lids, diapers are going the way of the dinosaur and we even leave the house sometimes without the diaper bag.

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Hopping On The Magic School Bus With My Kids

Earlier this month I wrote about all the cartoons I want to share with my kids one day. They included a lot of classics like Transformers, He-Man and Scooby Doo. Those cartoons were listed in a Netflix survey of dads around the world.

Another Netflix reboot I have already shared with my kids is one I remember as a kid. The Magic School Bus. It was one of the first cartoons I remember as being “schooly” or educational. It was like the movie Innerspace. The kids shrink and go on a Magic School bus to solve a scientific mystery. They travel into the digestive system and back in time to see the Dinosaurs.

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