Thanksgiving On The Grill

Thanksgiving grilling

Minimize activity in your kitchen by cooking your turkey dinner outdoors

BARRIE, Ont. — There are few dinners on the Canadian calendar as iconic as the Thanksgiving dinner, with a golden turkey at the centre of the table with all of the bounty of the fall harvest for fixings.

A lot of effort goes into getting the dinner prepared, and with a house full of family and friends it can create a chaotic scene in your kitchen. But by taking your cooking to your backyard grill, you can ease the activity in your kitchen and leave the house for socializing and enjoying your company.

“Your backyard grill is, essentially, an outdoor oven with a versatility you simply can’t replicate in your kitchen,” says Stephen Schroeter, Senior Vice President of Napoleon. “You can add new flavours and bring a whole new experience to your traditional Thanksgiving dinner by cooking the entire meal on your barbecue.”

Stephen offers these pointers for cooking your Thanksgiving dinner on your grill.

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Movies We Would Watch With The Kids If We Had Time

As the days get cooler and shorter, it becomes harder and harder to avoid getting cozy on the couch and checking out what’s on Netflix. This is especially hard when kids are involved, because if your kids are like our kids, they bow down to the great ruler of their lives, the almighty television.

Now to be fair, in our place the TV is situated where it’s hard to avoid it. 46 inches of amazement always so close. No wonder they hover even when it’s off. Thankfully, with Netflix connected, the selection is wide and the commercials are gone.


Anyone else have kids who bounce as the Netflix loading screen runs?


With the boys being 3 and 6, it’s hard to find movies that they both truly like at the same time. Generally we have to go more towards the toddler movies, rather than the big kid movies.

We used to have movie nights with our oldest where he would stay up a little later and watch an animated movie. But we have not done that for some time. Mostly because by the time it reaches bedtime, mom and dad want to have their own time back. Also, Our youngest just is not there to stay up and focus on a movie.

One of the staples of our movie nights is popcorn. Good ol’ air popped popcorn. Our oldest loves his straight up plain. The adults love to add flavour, whether it’s butter and salt or other flavours that you generally can enjoy at the movie theatre.

The lovely people at Netflix recently sent over a cool package full of everything you need to have a movie night with your kids. Snacks, a bowl and even a hot air popper. Pretty amazing.

The only bummer is we have not had time to even think about a movie night. For us September is full of stuff. The end of summer, back to school, birthdays, the exhaustion of back to school and this year in particular, the Toronto Blue Jays have taken over our lives.

So I really, really appreciate the package from Netflix and the list of movies they even suggest watching. We will just have to put it on hold until life settles down. When will that be?

October starts off with another birthday, then Thanksgiving and again, those darn Blue Jays making a World Series run.

Don’t worry popcorn and Netflix movies we will get to you. We will all get cozy on the couch with snacks and enjoy some family time watching some fun-filled movies.

At least that is the plan. It could easily be November and it is still the plan.

Anyways, for those who do want to enjoy a family night, here are some of the movies Netflix is suggesting.












So what movies have you watched lately with your kids? I would love to hear.


Video: Kid Delivers Special Message As He Rounds The Bases

As if we needed more good feelings from baseball. Josh Donaldson made smiles from coast to coast yesterday and then I saw this video floating around the Internet.

This tiny baseball player got a hit and scurried all the way to first base where his coach (and dad) encouraged him to continue to second.

He did, but not before delivering a hug and the sweetest message: “Hey. I have to tell you something. I like you. I love you.”

That dad must have been dropping a mic in his head because life does not get much better than that.

Back To School, DinoTrux Style #StreamTeam


Wow, summer sure went by fast. I know technically there is still a few weeks left, but for kids, it is back to school. That means less time to play, less time to roam free and less time to enjoy NetFlix.

The one show our toy boys are hooked on these days is DinoTrux. It combines two of their favourite things. Transformers and Dinosaurs. The adult in me thinks, are there not already actual Dinosaurs who are Transformers? Anyways, that is another topic.

Getting back to going back to school. One area that signifies the shift back to the classroom is new clothes and a change to shake up your kid’s style.

For our oldest who is going into Grade 1, he has had a Toronto Blue Jays hat on his head since before he could talk. Sadly, a few weeks ago, while on a fun adventure with him mom, he lost his precious hat. It was his go-to identity when he left the house and especially when he went to school. What was he going to do? We of course planned on getting a new hat but when things happen mid-week in a family, it’s not like you can move on a dime and do stuff like that.

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