Getting Up Close and Farm Fresh With KFC


Ever since I became a parent, I had to start caring more about the food we eat. I admit, it was easy to eat crappy and not care where food came from when it was just me. But when you are responsible for other people’s diet and health, things change. You become pickier over the groceries you eat, where you eat out and what you cook at home.

Add to the fact that things are different compared to when your parents did the same, there can be a lot of confusion. The amount of information we have at our fingertips can be a blessing or a disaster.

One big change over the last few decades would be the transparency that many food vendors are trying to create about where their food comes from. Is is real? Is it good for the environment? Are the animals happy being raised just to be eaten?


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The Lowdown on the Slow Down on Lansdowne #TTC

Lansdowne bus

Allow me to complain about something that impacts me directly and not so much the majority of my readership. Public transit, most notably, the Lansdowne bus (RT 47) once it hits Dundas West. In a word – embarrassing.

Oh it is┬ánot actually the Toronto Transit Commission’s fault (TTC) that transit on this route has reduced to a crawl most days, but they certainly did not help the fact (will get to that later).
First, the pain in the ass problem my wife and I face daily.

We both work downtown and are on the subway line. It makes it super easy to get to and from work and in an efficient manner. The average trip for me usually takes 25-30 minutes door-to-door. That’s amazing right?
Since we moved to our new house, our boys have moved to Parkdale PS school. Thankfully, there is a bus route right next to it, so whoever drops off or picks up, it’s very convenient. Or so it should be.
The problem is that southbound on Lansdowne once you drop below Dundas West has been under city construction for 5 years. Okay, exaggeration on that. Since the start of the summer. Every time we think it’s over, it’s extended. Right now it has been pushed to the end of October.

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Own The Mornings One #Spoondrop At A Time


Mornings can be tough for everyone. But when you add kids to the mix, things get really hairy. Going from slamming the snooze to getting out the door on time can rival the hardest challenges you see on Survivor. You don’t just have to worry about yourself, you have to manage a perfectly executed assault for multiple people.

If you don’t? Breakfast is not eaten, teeth are left dirty and permission sheets are once again forgotten. Let’s not even talk about having the brain power to think about what is for dinner in 9 hours. It’s controlled madness in our house. Little talking, lots of doing.

We have it down to a science for the most part, but has always the one variable that can throw it all out of whack are the kids.

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#Parkdale Life: Fall Day at the Parkdale Flea Market

Starting a new series today, called #Parkdale Life. Seems appropriate as this is where we live now and I really enjoy walking the streets and exploring everything the neighbourhood has to offer. I am also becoming more conscious about supporting local business and showing our kids that everything does not come from Walmart.

We have been to numerous Parkdale places so I have some catching up to do. I figured I would start the series off with our first visit to the Parkdale Flea. I have seen the signs many times but we have never gone. Seems silly as we live around the corner.

It was also a good place to visit with the boys as we were getting some exercise on a lovely Sunday morning. I had no idea what to expect.

For those not familiar with the Parkdale Flea, it’s where local artists and businesses promote their goods in this old building just off of Queen Street. It’s free and there is something new every time.


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