Some Months Really Kick You In The Parental Ass


Hey April, happy to not see you again for another 51 weeks. You were a challenge to say the least. Let me enjoy your good friend May instead.

The month of April this year was a tiring one for me. So many ups and downs. So many things draining my energy mentally and physically. It has taken the first week of May to digest it all and actually write about it.

Yes it was only 30 days, but a lot was packed into the 720 hours available.

Before I go into each, here is just a taste of what happened.

  • Wife was away for 12 days. Lot’s of solo parenting.
  • Bank account was hacked.
  • Oldest kept hurting himself at school – ie. calls home.
  • Youngest had to go to doctor to be allowed back in daycare.
  • Had to take care of a really silly parking ticket.
  • Had to deal with an overdue bill from previous home owner.
  • My dad had a stroke, had to go home to Sarnia for five days.
  • Youngest wiped poop all over bathroom.
  • Had to find two different babysitters.
  • Snow. Yes, what the hell.
  • Sick kids crawling into your bed.
  • Holding in the desire to sell the boys when they pushed me to my limits.
  • All the usual things – school drop off/pick up, homework, dinners, cleaning etc. etc.
  • Screwing up Kraft Dinner.

I am sure I am even forgetting things because I blacked out now and then.

Making a list of it all does not really seem all that bad. But each took a lot of time, a lot of brain power and a lot of dad patience.

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Kodak Moments App Makes It Easier To Print Photos

I have been taking digital photos for well over 10 years and I don’t think I have deleted any of them. I have USB sticks, external drives, CD-ROMS, several clouds and memory cards on the go, all full of photos.

Photos of my life. Food, pets, kids, moments, silly things and everything in between. I don’t look at them, I store them so I have them one day. But does that day ever come? Jim Gaffigan does a bit in his standup about this and he is spot on. We are digital photo hoarders.

30 years ago, a photo was precious because it was actually work to take it. You only had so much film and the cost that went with it. So you wanted every photo to be amazing.

With the age of digital, one thing that many of us have left behind is actually displaying photos for people to actually seen. Not on a computer, a phone or even one of those silly digital picture frames. No, I mean printing it out, putting it in a frame and displaying it so that memory is part of your day.

I have thousands and thousands of photos that I would call good. But if you look around my house, you don’t see any. That’s just not fair to my talents for capturing the moment.

It’s time I get back into printing photos and being creative in how they are displayed out in the open.

It’s time to showcase an amazing photo how they did 50 years ago.

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A Sibling Rivalry For The Digital Age – Who Chooses On #Netflix

Just a typical day in the world of #brothers being brothers. #toronto

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It’s funny how the outside world has a good sense of what is going on in your house. For the past few months our two boys (3 and 6) have really stepped into their sibling rivalry pants to the point that EVERYTHING is a battle for supremacy.

  • Who goes down the stairs first.
  • Who goes in the door first.
  • Who gets in the car first.
  • Who gets a certain cup or dish.
  • Who gets what cereal.

The list goes on. The outcome usually leaves one kid on the floor in some level of tantrum. WTF guys, why are you fighting over the most trivial things. Why not wait a few years and fight over girls, or sports awards or who can eat the most hot dogs. Jeesh.

So it was very timely for the Netflix gang to pose the question about how our kids get a long when it comes to what they watch and how they fight or come together for true enjoyment. Makes me wonder if there is a camera somewhere.

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Kumon Made A Difference For Our Son


It’s amazing when you can see a real change in your child. When they conquer something by bursting right through a wall that was frustrating them. That’s what our son Harry has done in the last few months with his reading and writing.

I am also happy to¬†share with you that one of the contributing factors was Harry’s time spent at Kumon, an after school math and reading program. For those following the journey, you know that we were approached by Kumon to try out their service for six months in exchange for an honest review on the blog.

As I mentioned before, it was perfect timing because in October of last year, Harry was struggling and getting more and more frustrated by the day. He was falling behind in class and stressing himself out over it. Young kids should not be stressing about such things.

Before even starting Kumon, we met with Harry’s Grade One teacher and worked out a plan for him to get extra help at school and what we could do at home. TLC for reading and writing was coming from all fronts. That’s why it was perfect that Kumon came calling when it did.

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