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2014 07 26 11.43.00 You Know Who Understands Kids   #JackAstors

Do you like to eat out? Do you have kids? Do you still like to eat out?

Taking kids no matter the age can be a real challenge when it comes to eating food outside of the house.

We have always taken our kids to restaurants and for the most part, it goes well. There has been the occasional meltdown but for the most part, our boys can handle the situation.

The frustrating part for parents (including us), is the things that send the kids to crazy town are usually the fault of the establishment.

Long waits, food that does not cool off fast enough, loud music, uncomfortable seats and finally, food that is not kid friendly.

I am taking fine dining places off the list because, well, you should not take your kids there. That is where you take your spouse or significant other when you finally get a free night.

I am more talking about the places that say they are family restaurants.

You know them. They look the same no matter where you go. The chains. As parents, we all see to migrate to these chain restaurants. You know what you are going to get and at the same time, every one else knows that kids will be present.

Recently we went to very popular chain restaurant, that really impressed me. You could tell that they had parents and kids in mind.

You know who understands kids?

It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

riding a bike Its Just Like Riding A Bike

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike for the first time without training wheels? Many of us don’t.

While I don’t remember my age, I do remember teaching myself to balance on a bike and riding without help.  I would roll down a grass hill and try to pedal without falling over. I fell over quite a bit until it clicked. Then you never forget again.

That’s where the phrase, it’s just like riding a bike came from.

The most uncoordinated person can learn and seemingly never forget.

Thank You To All Of The Fans

IMG 20130812 112523 1024x1024 Thank You To All Of The Fans

As the rain comes down on this dreary Toronto day, we at Like A Dad, want to take five minutes (that’s all we have), to give a shout out to all the fans.

As the person who does his best to fill the pages with entertaining words and photos, I get a real kick out of hearing stories of how much people enjoy the blog.

Sometimes in this social media crazed world, if there are no likes, retweets, hearts or comments, you forget that people are actually reading and enjoying your work. Just because there is no sign of it, they are there.

That is what makes it so cool when I hear via my wife, or at friend get-togethers, that my blog is a hit.

I have even had offers to help grow the brand and to spread Like A Dad even further.

My Son’s First Toronto Blue Jays Game

bluejays1 My Sons First Toronto Blue Jays Game

Well, that’s another experience checked off my dad bucket list.

On July 23rd, I took Harrison to his first Major League Baseball game and it was at the Rogers Centre to see the Toronto Blue Jays.

Seemed fitting since Harrison has been wearing a Blue Jays hat almost every day since he was two.

Ever since we moved back to Toronto in May, a baseball game was on the list of things we would do over the summer. Then it worked out that the Boston Red Sox would be in town. That meant a lively crowd and a fun atmosphere to watch a game.

As a sport to sit and watch, baseball might not be as exciting for a four-year old to watch. We have been to hockey and basketball games before and the action is always moving. Baseball has its own pace that can be a little slow at times.

But this was Harrison’s first professional sporting event, so that was much more to see and experience than what was happening on the field.

There was the size of the stadium, the big screen, the ballpark food and just watching all of the other fans.

I am not sure who was more excited to go to be honest.

Say Song Long To Afternoon Naps

IMG 20130728 205638 Say Song Long To Afternoon Naps

It was a good run. No, in fact, it was an amazing run. Most parents hate us for even complaining. Yes, our Harry has finally grown out of afternoon naps. His streak ends at roughly 58 months, just short of his fifth birthday.

I remember when Cal Ripken’s consecutive games streak ended at 2,362 games. That was amazing. But it did not impact my life. This no napping business, has turned my days upside down.

Anyone parent we tell this news to first makes a face of disgust and then goes on to say their child stopped napping years ago.

Yes, yes, we are lucky. But before the naps go away for good, I just wanted to say so long to afternoon naps.

Video: Trailer For Wish I Was Here

Now that I am a dad I easily get sucked into movies that have anything to do with fatherhood. That is just one of the things that hooked me into this trailer for Wish I Was Here. Also, it is by Zach Braff and that song used really sticks in your head.

I was a fan of Garden State many years ago. I am a fan of Braff’s odd look at life and how he writes. I am a fan that he has a scene with his longtime Scrubs co-star. I won’t see this one at the movies, but I will certainly catch it on Netflix one day.

Good or bad, I am certain it will have a kick-ass soundtrack.

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