Job Hunting While Home With Kids Is The Real Job

kids looking at construction Job Hunting While Home With Kids Is The Real Job

We have all had to look for work. Some more than others. Some with more success than others. Job hunting is a true grind. The highs and lows of getting phone calls for good news and phone calls with bad news. These days, just a confirmation that someone looked at your Linkedin profile can feel like win.

It’s tough. All the resume and cover letter writing, sifting through postings and trying to determine which ones are worth the effort. This is not even including the stress of in person interviews.

It is a lot of work, time and energy to hunt down work no matter what level you are looking for.

Since moving from Halifax in May, I knew my day would come where I had to get back into the working world. My summer of being a stay-at-home-dad would come to an end.

With our oldest son starting school next week, the time has come to hit the virtual pavement.

What I am finding as I have slowly begun the job hunt, is the hardest part of it all, is job hunting while home with kids.

Renting Vs Buying In Toronto

toronto houses Renting Vs Buying In Toronto

Since we moved back to Toronto, we knew it was going to be a gigantic challenge to find somewhere to live. We were lucky enough to have a buffer thanks to my wife’s parents. They are away until December, so part of the plan was to live in their house, while we figured everything out.

The figuring where we are going to live part of the adventure has arrived.

We currently are two minutes from everything and anything and are kind of being spoiled where we live now. So we do our best to remind ourselves that pretty much anywhere we land next, won’t be as good. No worries, it is a process.

Reviewing Like A Dad – Greenwood Smokehouse

greenwoodsmokehouse Reviewing Like A Dad   Greenwood Smokehouse

Reviewing like a dad will cover my favourite and not so favourite places, products and events based on my experiences. As a parent, it is always better to hear it from another parent, rather some person who has no idea what it is like to do anything with kids.

Have a place, product or event you would like us to check out, please contact like a dad today.

Place: Greenwood Smokehouse

Location: 673 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

The 411: We first tried Greenwood Smokehouse for my birthday. It was a takeout meal and it was exceptional. I have a taste for BBQ and this food fit the bill. You knew you were in good hands once you entered the place and it smelled like actual smoke. We ordered the dry rubbed ribs and beans. Again, exceptional BBQ. The ribs were fall off the bone and had a great flavour. The beans, well you knew they were home-made. I have been trying to suck up to Greenwood Smokehouse on Twitter, hoping to get the recipe.

Outdoor Games for Kids’ Parties

shutterstock 137642147 Outdoor Games for Kids Parties

This is a guest post by David Reeves.

Are you planning a party? Party games are essential to keep young guests entertained, but they can become quite messy. If you are looking to have fun and maybe sneak in a little learning, but want to keep the mess outside, consider these great party games.

1. Water Gun Games

Have each of the kids bring a water gun (and have a few on standby for those who don’t have one) and hang two empty plastic garden watering cans from ropes at about head level. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them use their guns to squirt the watering cans from one end of the rope to the next. The first team to get their can to the end of the rope is the winner.

If the kids are older, add water balloon defense to the game. While they play, kids will be learning how to use waterpower to make something move, and they will get the chance to improve their aim and coordination.

You Know Who Understands Kids – #JackAstors

2014 07 26 11.43.00 You Know Who Understands Kids   #JackAstors

Do you like to eat out? Do you have kids? Do you still like to eat out?

Taking kids no matter the age can be a real challenge when it comes to eating food outside of the house.

We have always taken our kids to restaurants and for the most part, it goes well. There has been the occasional meltdown but for the most part, our boys can handle the situation.

The frustrating part for parents (including us), is the things that send the kids to crazy town are usually the fault of the establishment.

Long waits, food that does not cool off fast enough, loud music, uncomfortable seats and finally, food that is not kid friendly.

I am taking fine dining places off the list because, well, you should not take your kids there. That is where you take your spouse or significant other when you finally get a free night.

I am more talking about the places that say they are family restaurants.

You know them. They look the same no matter where you go. The chains. As parents, we all see to migrate to these chain restaurants. You know what you are going to get and at the same time, every one else knows that kids will be present.

Recently we went to very popular chain restaurant, that really impressed me. You could tell that they had parents and kids in mind.

You know who understands kids?

It’s Just Like Riding A Bike

riding a bike Its Just Like Riding A Bike

Do you remember the first time you rode a bike for the first time without training wheels? Many of us don’t.

While I don’t remember my age, I do remember teaching myself to balance on a bike and riding without help.  I would roll down a grass hill and try to pedal without falling over. I fell over quite a bit until it clicked. Then you never forget again.

That’s where the phrase, it’s just like riding a bike came from.

The most uncoordinated person can learn and seemingly never forget.

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