When You Forget Your Kid Has Underwear On


Yes, last night we totally forgot that Charlie was wearing underwear instead of a diaper. The result of course, a wet spot on the couch. He was more than happy to sit there and not say a thing.

Potty training our second boy has been much different from the first time around. As I have discussed before, the potty training this time is in reverse. He is a dry guy at daycare, but not into it at home. Every time we ask Charlie if he has to go, or wants to go, he simply gives us a stern NO.

Enjoying some alone time before big brother gets home. #brothers

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He comes home from daycare in underwear and the evenings have been hit or miss with accidents. Charlie either let’s it fly or just holds it until bath and bed time.

We have yet to figure out a way to get him to go near the toilet in our house. I don’t want to force him while he is screaming because that could make him never want to do it again. When Harrison was potty trained, he was older and much more vocal. He simply told us he was either peeing or had to pee. This was much easier on the tired parent brain.

For now, we will probably continue to forget in the evening and let nature take charge. The next few weeks we have to help Charlie understand that he simply has to communicate in some way to us. But honestly, would you stop playing a video game to go to the bathroom or just go where you sit?

I also must share that when Katie took him away to clean up last night, there was an extra special gift that no parent wants to find in the underwear. Yeah, ew.

The good news in all of this is that where Charlie spends most of his time (daycare) he is doing awesome. They are proud of him and very supportive. It makes me a little jealous that our support is not having the same results.

We will keep on trying. We know it will click soon. We will try to not forget about Charlie wearing underwear on the couch. That is our mission.

Other stuff

  • You really want to hit a parent where it hurts? Take away the luxury of a working PVR. Our’s in on the fritz and can really be a pain when you finally get to sit down and then you can’t watch what you had been dreaming of. Yes I know, third world problems.
  • When you have two kids, try to have two muffins when it is breakfast time.
  • Charlie says hi to everyone we pass on the street. Including the mannequins in the wedding dress store we go by.
  • We are back on Thomas the Train when it comes to what the boys watch. Charlie calls it CHOO CHOO.
  • Excited for a FAMILY visit next week. That’s you MS.
  • I need to share a major burn that Katie dropped last night. Charlie was being a jerk at dinner and the prospect of a time out was mentioned. Charlie kept pushing. Then Katie said “I am not Dwayne Casey, I am not afraid to use a timeout“. It was so timely and perfect. That’s my wife.

See You In Hell Snow Pants


Yes that’s right, I am ready to banish snow pants to the back of the closet. Everyone is tired of them. Our oldest asks first thing if he even has to take them to school still. It is officially spring and since there is no snow left on the ground (sorry Halifax), I am a firm believer that it means it is time for just pants.

It’s good timing. Harry’s snow pants look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Dirty, ripped and smelly. They have seen some good times, but for now, to the back of the closet until next winter when we realize they were not worth keeping in the first place.

Charlie’s snow pants? Well they are in much better shape. He hates them as well. His face always says, get me out of these ridiculous pants.

It’s funny how snow pants are a symbol of what winter is to kids. When the snow starts to fall in November, it is an exciting time. They can’t wait to bundle up and play outdoors. But by March, like the snow, they never want to see their snow pants, mitts, hats, scarfs and giant coats ever again. Such is life in Canada I guess.

The bad news in all of this? It now switches to rain gear. Coats, boots, umbrellas and splash pants. Firing up the dryer each night to make sure the kids can wear it all again tomorrow.

When it all comes down to it, I do prefer snow to rain and mud. But rain and mud mean warmer and sunnier days ahead. I guess that makes it easy to put up with muddy footprints everywhere.

So, see you in hell snow pants. We will meet again soon I am sure.

Other stuff

  • Started watching Archer since my friend Kevin won’t stop going on about it. Pretty funny.
  • Discovered Harry likes meatballs, but only if they are small.
  • Charlie can now fully undress himself. It’s not fast, but he does it.
  • Charlie’s school is very impressed with his knowledge of colours at such a young age.
  • The Big Green Egg will meet up with a ham this weekend.
  • Not truly into this season of Survivor yet.
  • Everyone sat and had dinner together last night. It was nice. Maybe pancakes forever?
  • The sun will come out tomorrow?
  • Thinking of making a list, ranking my favourite TV shows of all time. Sounds like a project.
  • The Toronto Raptors have moved back to frustrating the hell out of me.


Tyrannical Twos


Tyrannical Twos?

A little over the top? Maybe. But our Charlie is working on something more than terrible. Our two-year old is currently locked into a “phase” of wanting everything exactly how he wants it. He wants to be the boss. Then when that does not happen (because we are the parents), he loses it. Go figure right?

For the most part his protests are non-violent, but sometimes things get a little rough. Food is thrown, chairs are pushed, brothers are shoved, mom’s seat is kicked and dad’s face is scratched.

We never experienced this phase with our first son. Sure, he had “phases” as well, but they were much less dramatic and much easier to handle.

It’s easy to chalk it up to Charlie being the second kid and wanting more attention, but he gets his fair share. This feels like him fully establishing his views and beliefs on everything from what meals are, what shows are on TV and when and where he will pee.

It’s hard to break him when he settles in on an issue. For the most part, we just let it go. But when there are deadlines, like getting to school, we have to step in and force the action. This results in a lot of yelling, screaming, crying and anger. It always ends of course, but for anyone we meet on our trip, they must think I am torturing the kid.

Looks so grown up when his hair is actually brushed.

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Charlie is a funny guy. He has a personality that we enjoy and love. But the last few weeks, I am not ashamed to say he has been a little jerk. His big brother puts up with a lot, and we actually get mad at him more than we should because it’s easier to do it to the one who talks. Harry, we are sorry for that. You have been a patient guy and one day, we will let nature decide who gets what.

From the feedback we get, his tyrannical twos profile has not rolled over to daycare. There he eats, sleeps, uses the potty and has a good old time. Is it because he is around kids his own age? Is it the wonderful attention he gets from the staff? I can’t really say. But the boy sure is two different shade of Charlie.

When you combine this with a tired family, I am sure we let him dictate more than we should. But sometimes apple sauce for dinner is easier than having a royal rumble with your kid an hour before bedtime.

He needs to learn that actions have results. You need to eat dinner for dessert. You need to do what we ask or miss out on opportunities. It will all happen. We somehow managed to turn out one boy who seems to get it so far.

I can’t seem to remember Harry having so many “phases” of tyranny when he was two. Maybe I have blocked it out? Who knows. I just know that I look forward to it ending. Soon. I look forward to everyone sitting at the dinner table and eating food.

Next week Charlie will hit the two and a half mark. The good news for this family is that becoming a three-year old is only half a year away.

The Real March Madness Tournament


I love basketball. I really love March and basketball.

This past weekend was the annual sloth fest of watching as much hoops as possible. The NCAA Tournament is what the world calls it, but it goes by a much cooler nickname, which is March Madness.

64 teams (I don’t care about those other four because I am old school) crammed into three weeks of insane drama. Back in the day I would probably watch 80% of the coverage and that is without PVR or live streaming. But since becoming a parent, the new norm is reading about games, seeing highlight packs and tuning in for the last five minutes of a game. The other 35 minutes are not as important as Thomas the Train.

The tourney brings out the best and worst of coaches, players and teams. The mistakes and bone-headed plays make it real. It’s not a pro game where execution happens 95% of the time. I love the flaws.

It is all unpredictable (see my brackets for proof), it is heart-warming, it sparks arguments and it rallies people together. This sounds a lot like a family. This past weekend, on top of buzzer beaters, Furious 7 commercials and way too much of Charles Barkley, our family was separated into our own version of the Final Four, with each trying to survive the day.

I am not sure if it was the change of seasons, the warm,cold, warm, cold weather thing we got going on, or maybe the Madness just taking over. But in our house, it was like an old-school slug fest like they used to have in the Big East Tournament.

Everyone was tired, everyone was on edge and everyone wanted things to go their way at the buzzer.

Katie and I  of course are a team without question and it seemed like we were on opposite sides of the bracket. We wanted to get to the Final Two, where things would be calm and go back to normal. But we were pitted against two opponents who were ready for a tussle.

Man what I would have given for TV timeouts or the change to diagram plays that would be followed through on. It seemed like no matter what we were doing, we were just getting on each other’s nerves.

Charlie started sleeping in his crib without the rail. This of course  opened his world fully. He now gets up, opens the door and leaves the room.

Harry got some new hama beads, but he can only seem to enjoy on his own when Katie is not around.

I can’t drink beer and not snore all night.

Katie due to a lot of this is just plain tired and can’t fully function as she would like.

Saturday and Sunday felt like we were playing a never-ending game against the Kentucky Wildcats.

It was not until about 9:30 pm last night where we acknowledged that we made it. We survived the onslaught of boys.

Katie and I advanced to the Final Two.

There was no net cutting or branded hats. There was quiet. Well until I snored again after the lights went out.

I love basketball. I really love March and basketball.

I really, really, really love March and basketball and my family.

Other Notes From The Opening Weekend

  • When I see the ad for NCAA.com, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that the webmasters earn more than the players.
  • Wow Furious 7 ads.
  • The guy falling off his stool was the best thing I have seen so far.
  • My brackets are in the shitter thanks to Iowa State.
  • How many more ways can they say Louisville?
  • Michigan State beating Virginia was the easiest pick I made.
  • Still wondering what a Bearcat is?
  • Pangos is the new Steve Nash, hair and all.
  • Love Jack Armstrong’s chair height. Looks like he is blasting off.
  • Pulled pork and #PlayterMadness was a fun time. Lone Star is a legend.
  • Harry learned how to keep score and gave me constant reports.
  • Tom Izzo. Coaching God.
  • I was pulling for Harvard.
  • I am thankful there is not a Wendy’s within walking distance of our house.

6 hours in. Added a glaze. Almost there. #marchmadness #playtermadness #pulledpork

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Oh, are you wondering who would win the title game between Katie and I? It is a good question. Like I said, we are a team, so it really doesn’t matter. As long as we can stay ahead of the boys, all will be good.

I can’t wait for another One Shining Moment.

Spring Means New Football Equipment

Apologies to those still buried in snow. For us, spring is practically here. The temperature is on the plus side, the birds are singing and for our oldest son, he is ready for football (soccer) season. His indoor play ended a few weeks ago and every day he has been asking to go outside and kick the ball around.

It is hard to say no, as I am also a huge fan of football or American soccer. This will be Harrison’s first experience with outdoor play on an actual team. What this really means is we need to find some new football equipment for him to use. Showing up for the first game without the right equipment is not cool. As the parent, I always want him to feel comfortable, confident and ready to show off his moves.

Outdoor soccer involves cleats. As I remember, running in cleats is great. It makes you feel like you can go so fast and stop even faster. The traction is perfect for soccer and not slipping on the grass if it is wet.

The checklist is pretty short, as the team he goes on will provide the kids football kits consisting of shirt, shorts and socks.

All Harrison will need is a ball (check), shin pads (check) and cleats (check). He is all set. Too bad the season is still over a month away.

To fill the time, we are talking about football and even kicking balloons around the house until we can get outside to play. Pretty soon I am going to have to start showing Harrison football videos just to get him excited.

For a 5-year old, waiting over a month for a game you love to play is hard. Every time I need to get the excitement up, I bring out the new cleats. Yep, it works every time.

I personally can’t wait to get outside to watch him play. The fresh air, the exercise and the continuing development of his skills.

Who knows, if his love for football grows, we will have to pick up a few more accessories, build a net and of course have a lot more time for drills.

football equipment
This is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own.

Parenting Digest: Get Ready For March Break & More


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Parenting Digest for March 12, 2015

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Let’s close on a song that is trapped in my head. Calling Jason Bourne to save me from this hell.


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