They Grow Up So Fast

harryathoward They Grow Up So Fast

As you may already know, Harrison turned five in September. Since, he seems to be growing more mature by the day. As my wife put it, it is bittersweet.

The latest installment of where did my little boy go, Harrison now goes into school by himself. I pretty much get him to the property line of Howard and he takes over from there.

It’s like he is big man on campus. Saying hi to friends, commenting on backpacks and pretty much ignoring good ol’ dad.

I follow him around to his door and have to remind him to say bye bye.

He is a big kid now I guess.

I do watch him go in the door and gaze through the glass to make sure he does what he is supposed to. He does of course.

Check one more thing off the list that I am not really needed for.

This new idea of independence was totally his idea. Last week he just asked if he could go in by himself. I did not see any harm.

I get a kick out of how every day he walks around that school without a care in the world. Like he truly loves in and belongs.

I hope for every school he goes to in the future, that never changes.

Now the walks home are full of me having conversations with Charlie, as he thinks to himself, dad chill out, I am two.

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Book Of The Week – Sophie’s Terrible Twos

bookofweek Book Of The Week   Sophies Terrible Twos

We hit the library today for a new batch of books. How does the library system know that three weeks is exactly how long it takes for me to get sick of reading certain books again and again?

Anyways, grabbed a new stack today and a few are already becoming popular.

This one in particular, I picked up simply for the fact that maybe it will shed some light on the terrible twos, which we are running into right now.

Maybe Sophie’s life will give us some tips on how to deal with Charlie and his ever-changing mood. I mean she looks happy. Not so sure why a toddler has a cake with lit candles on it. Maybe that is one of the issues?

terrible twos book Book Of The Week   Sophies Terrible Twos

After reading this one a few times, Charlie really enjoyed it, but sadly, it did not help me at all.

This Sophie creature is nothing like Charlie and to be honest, is just a bunch of entertainment.

I guess the only comfort is, that if terrible twos did not exist, this book would never have been written. So there are many out there dealing with the same thing as us.

Next time, I will have to go to a different part of the library to get the real answers I need.

As for now, back to having fun and reading to my kids.

What book is on your child’s hot list right now? Would love a recommendation.

Book of the week can be seen every Monday.




Hockey Season Just Got Better For Rogers customers #RGCL

messier Hockey Season Just Got Better For Rogers customers #RGCL

Are you enjoying the roll out of Rogers new NHL machine? Want to see even more?

If you are a Rogers customer, it looks like you can.

Here are two awesome pieces of news for the hockey lover in your family.

Review – Mattell #BOOMcoBLAST Rapid Madness Blaster

boomco1 Review   Mattell #BOOMcoBLAST Rapid Madness Blaster

Is there anything more fun for kids than toy guns? They have come so far since I was little. Nerf has always been the big player in toy guns, and now Mattell is jumping into the mix with their BOOMco line of toys.

Before I start, for those who know me, I have always been against toy guns, in particular, the ones that shoot darts or any kind of bullets. I got hit in the face as a kid and it hurt, so that kind of set me for life.

So when I was contacted to review the BOOMco Rapid Madness Blaster, I was torn. The dad blogger in me was all in, picturing the fun I would have with the boys. But the parent in me was a little against bringing weapons into the house.

So I decided to accept the toys, test and review and use the opportunity as a learning experience for the boys.

I have to say, when the very cool box from BOOMco arrived, I was a little kid again.

4 Simple Tips for Fall Fun Giveaway

Autumn leaves thumb 4 Simple Tips for Fall Fun Giveaway

Do you love fall? Do you love shifting your life from the warm summer days to cozy autumn evenings?

LTD Commodities wants to share a few tips with you for fully embracing the season, including cozying up your bedroom and getting outside for weekend activities.

They even want to give a cooking-themed package to one of our readers to help get you all set for fall.

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